Honest Trailers Commentary – Venom


The writers of Honest Trailers talk about Sony, Spider-Man, Tom Hardy and more while watching their latest vid – it’s Honest Commentaries for Venom!

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Honest Trailers Commentary – Venom

Hosted by Dan Murrell, Spencer GIlbert, & Joe Starr
Produced by Max Dionne
Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole
Tech Director: Josh “JTE” Tapia
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand


  1. What were the feelings that Venom gave you?

    One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.
    Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.
    Three: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Weeell technically Ozymandias didn't want to kill most of humanity to save a few worthy ones, but killed just a little bit of humanity to prevent the 99% from nuking each other.

  3. I know this is never going to happen but I would be love to see an Honest Trailer for Roma. I have no idea what it would look like but I’d be so curious.

  4. Wasn't the symbiote that kept jumping bodies the villain (Riot)?
    Venom was in the facility the whole time. He possessed the test subjects that all died. Then Eddy's homeless friend from whom it transferred over to Eddy and for a little while possessed a dog, I think and Anne to rescue Eddy.

  5. Well… Ummmm… actually….Spencer
    pushes up nerd glasses
    that wasn't a Pomeranian, it was a Papillon… 😂 😂 😂
    OMG I really just went there, dropping dog breed knowledge.. FML.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 🙄
    I'll show myself out ✌🏽
    💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀

  6. Thanks for still doing one of these after break. An honest trailer without a commentary is like peanut butter without jelly at this point. And thanks for the Michele Williams’ wig joke. Roth might not have talked to you if you didn’t mention the wig.

  7. I agree the science talk went a little long, and some episodes the lists are too much, bordering on annoying filler. But also like Spencer said it not like they are making things up. All the clips are there in the movie lol

  8. 4:15– directing the"WHAT"??? Can anybody understand what he's trying to say there? If so can you help me out and lmk what it is that I should do and what I should say… or not say haha

  9. This movie should be example of How studio can ruin a character for greed just like Catwoman and Steel.
    I'm hearin to people who likes to movie.They keep saying same thing
    -Oh they got Tom Hardy
    -Pussy Joke so funny hahahahaha

    What about story,good script?A good reason for Eddy and Venom work together rather than :"I'm a loser in my planet just like you Eddie".
    Promises of a Bloody,Hardcore Venom movie then bluring to Head eatin scenes because of gettin money of little kids.
    Do you know What Venom are guys?Do you know he is more than a walking oil glob.He have Spider web,Spider Sense,shape shifting powers but since Spider man dont include to movie he dont even have Spider logo on his chest.İt's pathetic.
    Villian in movie really one note.I dont even remember his name already.Also it was promising to see Life Foundation Symbiots in movie but Riot sucks ass.He was weakest link of group in comics and he was bitch of Scream.İf they wanna put a Symbiot in movie Scream could be far better.

    This isn't Venom.No no no.This movie a fucking middle finger to fans of Venom.And I regret give my money to this movie so they can Shit on Carnage in second movie.Omg That carrot head wig.WHY?!

  10. can you guys do something about the talking during the honest trailer? Pausing it is great, I can hear and understand. but when they're talking while the video is talking at the same volume, I can't really hear either one.

  11. While the WinAmp joke might be a 0.5% or 1% joke in a random public venue, there's a LOT of self-segregation for a certain kind of sensibility to watch an Honest Trailer Commentary. I would not be surprised if the "I got it!" rate for the viewers of this video was in the 5% to 10% range

  12. Venom is by far my favorite bad superhero movie. It's super cheesy and the cgi is ridiculous but it's such an enjoyable ride and so fun to make fun of that I couldn't help but love it

  13. Is it just me or was venom a waste of time? I wish I had seen it before spending $20 on the 4k version that will forever sit in my digital library, untouched.

  14. My god, these are so not funny. The 'Honest trailer' thing was a sort of amusing thing…maybe one time? After countless of them, the 'joke' is completely played out and lame…

  15. Both Williams and Ahmed I feel are distracting and should have been played by more unknown actors and kept the focus on Hardy/Venom. Movie was pretty entertaining.

  16. On the scene with the 6 months later cut, I believe they were trying to show how long Venom could stay in that particular host without seeking a new host due to as Dan put it, being/looking very sick. I think you guys were looking for ways to show Venom could not stay inside inadequate hosts for too long so here is one potentially.

  17. venom is is a movie that made it to a point to be talked about and bring out different opinions on a low budget appreciate. wow movies have been worse

  18. I’m assuming you cut that Woody Harrelson joke because you came around and realized he’s a fantastic choice for Carnage. Guy’s a great versatile actor that can do evil-crazy pretty well (Natural Born Killers) and the only reason I’m interested I’m seeing the sequel.

  19. I’m assuming you cut that Woody Harrelson joke because you came around and realized he’s a fantastic choice for Carnage. Guy’s a great versatile actor that can do evil-crazy pretty well (Natural Born Killers) and the only reason I’m interested in seeing the sequel.

  20. Is that the thing?
    Cuz I'm on board!
    My brother started watching during that scene and stayed around so multiple data points are in agreeance


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