Horizon: Zero Dawn Review


Our verdict on the PlayStation-exclusive open world action RPG.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Thunder Jaw Collection Unboxing

2 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Beautiful Combat Gameplay:

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro 4K vs. 1080p Graphics:

12 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay (with Commentary):

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Story Trailer:

43 Big Games Coming in 2017:

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  1. I'm just sticking this question in random comment sections until someone who knows their lore can help:

    When the first load of Chariot machines glitched and no longer received commands, why weren't the other chariot swarms used to destroy it?

  2. I spent 80 hours on this game and I felt the same way as the reviewer having a difficult time letting go. This game is a masterpiece that leaves a mark on you and wanting more

  3. I beat this game months ago. I was playing offline as I didn't yet have internet. Now that I have internet, I have to start all over again from square one! I got a lot of the in game weapons outfits and collectables. Now I have to do it all over again. Anyone know why this is?

  4. I just started playing the game, honestly I really don't have interest on this game's story and gameplay at first, but when I said maybe I should give this game a try, and the first few hours of my experience is awesome! I've never played a game this immersive, beautiful world and gameplay before. Now, I won't stop playing this game till the end and I want more! just like The Witcher 3 this is a Masterpiece!

  5. 'This game looks awesome. I really want to buy it. Then I remembered that EA/Dice told me that I don't like women protagonists. Darn. I think I'm going to take my chances and buy it, hoping EA/Dice doesn't find out'.

  6. i'm starting over on new game + on ultra hard this time on pro, gosh i love this franchise, with bloodborne it is for me the best 2 new Ip's on PS4 this gen.. funny cos i play mostly on one X, but we need more game like this, deep solo experiences and great graphics too. guerilla killed it. and Horizon 2 will be insane.

  7. I just don't get the comment section…some people say it's the best game they've ever played and other people say it's so boring. I mean really… how can it be that much extreme opposite?🤔

  8. loved this game but aloy was an awful character i desperately wanted her to die

    this for me was the opposite of max payne 3… i loved max payne 3’s main character but hated the game… hzd i hate the main character but love the game

  9. I really wanna buy some games.
    And Ive already got last of us and Uncharted 1-4 as well.But I can buy only 3 rn.
    2 of em are Red dead redemption 2 and Spiderman. Anyone got a suggestion for the 3rd game?

  10. I only get fighting games for my Pro, can't play with that horrible 1994 controller longer then a few hours without my hands (mainly thumb) hurting the next day. 😣 Wish they had this on One X.

  11. one thing i have to say about the comment that the rope caster and trip caster are too clunky to use effectively against faster/stronger machines is that this game gives you plenty of time to plan and set traps before encounters and if you do so it makes it exponentially easier. Also the rope caster is the most important weapon in the game imo (at least for anything besides the Deathbringers)
    EDIT: every machine does not have a unique way to take it down; early on in the game yes this is the case but once you unlock the Shadow Blast Sling you can take down basically all of the tougher enemies by rope casting them down and then just shooting as many sticky bombs / blast bombs at them as possible before they get up.

  12. Just finished this game and wow. I got it Black Friday and it's been the last game of my haul that I played. Decided to pop it in 6 months after getting it and it was worth the wait. To make it even better, I got it for 10 bucks the complete edition. Probably the BEST value for the game I've ever spent.

  13. Just finish this game, such a great experience. Game nearly perfect.
    But unfortunetly theres some annoying thing happen in my home when the game comes to final cutscene 😭😭😭😭. Why ????
    Feel a little bit anticlimacs. But thats okay 👍


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