how do i lose everything?!


On this very wholesome vlog, we get up to quite a few things. I have a mini (Kim K) freakout while looking for my engagement ring, a very *posh* try-on for Fendi, and celebrate the ol’ Chipo’s birthday.


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  1. Since you know you’re forgetful, please insure your jewelry! I can tell that ring is worth a ton of money; it would be such a shame to lose it and not be compensated. My mom just insured a bunch of her jewelry and it is actually worth a lot more than we would have expected.

  2. Hi Jenn! I lost my engagement ring at the airport because it was essentially too loose and it got pulled off at some point. I was so upset for a long time. 10000% get your ring resized to make it tighter, so it will only come off when you want it to x

  3. Jenn, I’m on the same wave as you rn with losing everything. This year, I’ve lost quite a bit of expensive stuff that I haven’t found/gotten back. 🙃 It includes my check from June. Lol

  4. I would be devastated too losing something valuable aswell. Engagement ring 💍 i only wear special occasions is too special and want to keep in good condition. I only wear my wedding ring did you find yours? I only lost my phone twice got robbed.

  5. Glad you found your engagement ring 💞 For me, between forgetful and clumsy, I always find myself clumsy, I always drop my phones, sometimes I fall from stairs or suddenly my leg is weakened, need more balance practice maybe…

  6. omygoodness!! I was going to ask if your engagement ring is a tad too loose because I saw that the diamond wasn't sitting at the top when you were cutting into your watermelon.

  7. obviously i can't say for sure without seeing your ring in person but you might wanna head to a reputable jeweler who does repairs and see if your ring fits right! I've worked at a fine jewelry store for 2 years now and there is always something that can be done for a ring that fits even just a little loose!! Glad you found it! 💕

  8. Do you not have to put all carry on toiletries in the plastic bags going through security? I find make up bags pointless cause they all have to come out to go into their stupid bags 😂


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