How the Google Stadia Controller Was Designed – IGN First


We interviewed Google Stadia Design Director Isabelle Olsson about the process of designing the Google Stadia controller from scratch, which involved literally hundreds of design iterations and some pretty unconventional approaches to the task that we think you’ll want to hear about. Google Stadia launches on November 19.

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  1. Why don’t they just partner with Nintendo then the switch could run all the games ppl want it too with out really having to change specs as well as making Stadia more easily accessible 🤔

  2. What the hell are they talking about. What did they do that’s not already been done?

    Am I wrong? Does this not look like the PlayStation and Xbox controller smushed together to make the stadia controller???

    I understand prototyping and material selection and the product finalization. But the design is tried and tested. If you make a controller. You don’t have to look any farther than Sony and Microsoft to see what they have done and what they have got right.

  3. A Color to Simulate each Individuals Preferred Console! While combining both Dualshock & Microsoft….Why'd it apparently take so long?? I thought We Humans were supposed to be able to Use Common Sense rather Easily??

  4. such a waste of money unless you have a connection in south korea you'll never play really high def on it and even if you can play 720 p here in north america its still gonna be a laggy broken mess of crap even worst it won't save you any money I mean you can buy games for the same price actually own them and put them on your machine.

  5. This is the first controller with wifi connection, and the first to receive voice commands that go to google assistant. And yet asshats in here saying its like every other controller

  6. So much innovation and effort put into a beautiful controller and then someone at google decided
    let’s make the sticks parallel

    what about Xbox players they like offset sticks

    F them, high five bro

  7. #1. I cannot stand how millenials talk. It is incredibly annoying, but she is just mildly annoying.
    #2. Is the Stadia controller more overpriced easily-broken plastic junk like the Pixel 4?

  8. I love this controller. But if you have the audacity to steal the buttons from Nintendo, at least go all the way and don’t force players to remember two button layouts with the exact same buttons. I mean, srsly google?

  9. People who hate stadia . Please ignore it !!!! And let the rest of us enjoy the thing we are actually excited about . It's getting super annoying to see people coming here just to hate. Stay away from it no one is FORCING you to get it , and I guarantee you , there are PLENTY of people on the planet excited for it. We don't need you !

  10. Why I hear so much negativity on Stadia I have tried it myself in person and it was awesome you just have to be open minded. Also with the controller it is a mix of many kinds of controller designs trying to make the best controller the best they can.

  11. The controller has the most uninspired and boring look a human can possibly come up with , its a fcking toy version of the xbox controller , of course it was made by a women 😂


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