How To: Halo Braid | Zoella


How to achieve a quick and easy “Halo Braid”
I did tell you it was easy, so don’t expect to be wow’d off your feet haha
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What I’m wearing:

Dress – Asos
Lipstick – Rimmel Kate Moss 107

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This video is part of the work I’m doing on the All Things Hair channel! To see other vids we’ve done, click here:


  1. A tip if you have short hair, I just started my braid from behind my ear other than the nape of the neck like Zoe did! It looked just like hers just the braids were higher 🙂

  2. Watching in 2017— Zoe seems like a COMPLETELY different person. Obviously she is, she's a grown woman now and people do change. But it's like she's a different person, so weird. But so cool

  3. this was not a good tutorial, why does it have so many views. It was hard to see what she was doing and it didn't work for me, the braid just slid off my head

  4. I tried the halo braid on my short hair and it worked for my hair but my hair is a little below the shoulders so I don't how well it would work on shorter hair

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