Since YOU LOVED “How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive” and “How to Slay Life on a Budget” today I am teaching you a winter lookbook version of how to dress instagram cute all the time even in the chilly holiday season!

So here are some fun cold weather outfit ideas including shoes, boots, faux fur coats, clothes, and fantastically extra commentary by yours truly lol…

…broke bitch style, of course 😛


2,577,000 kisses!

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Faux Fur Jackets



Black Crop

Outfit 1

Black High Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Black Tassel Mini Skirt

Black Over the Knee Boots

Outfit 2
Denim Jumpsuit

Leopard Boots

Outfit 3
Red Puffer Coat

Black Roll Neck Sweater Dress

Red Plaid Ankle Boots

Outfit 4
Black High Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

White Tulle Midi Skirt

Nude Strappy Heels

Outfit 5
Black and White Cross Front Jumpsuit

Nude Strappy Heels

Outfit 6
Chain Print Top

Black Tassel Mini Skirt

Black Over the Knee Boots

Outfit 7
White Turtle Neck Top

Beige Plaid Mini Skirt

Black Over the Knee Boots

Outfit 8
Sequin Leopard Shorts

Leopard Long Coat

Leopard Boots

Outfit 9
Black and White Printed Sweater

Black High Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Black Tassel Mini Skirt

Outfit 10
White Cable Knit Cardigan

White Knit Beanie

Outfit 11
Black Roll Neck Sweater Dress

Gold Coin Belt (similar)

Outfit 12
Black High Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Black Tassel Mini Skirt

Black Tights

Black Over the Knee Socks

Red Plaid Ankle Boots

Black Crop Faux Fur Jacket

Outfit 13
Hot Pink Sequin Mini Dress

Nude Embellished Heels

White Mini Dress with Slit

Pink Glitter Mini Dress


  1. Ps I know the thumbnail says Broke Girl Tips instead of my signature Broke Bitch Tips – it’s because YouTube kept flagging it as innaproproate and demonetizing all my videos 😂 so I had to change it but you all know what I mean :p #BrokeBitchTips forever xx

  2. In Alyssas cute prank some ppl called amber dirty bc she had all the clothes in the hallway but it's literally this vlog she had this clothes on the floor quinn was wearing her pink jacket and she had the same bun. She went and filmed another video (candy cane) so she's not dirty she's a hustler 😉

  3. Whenever I dress 'extra', my neighbors like talking shit. And by extra, I mean wearing boots that aren't flat, or you know, anything that doesn't look boring and depressing. Apparently I always look like I'm going on a date, and that's intimidating to gossiping soccer moms and their cheating husbands.

  4. Ohhh I love your Videos so much! You make me feel special and worth just by watching your videos. And so happy because of your hapiness you share in your Videos!😍 It's so nice that's you exist 😭💕 hole you have a gern special, nice- magical day :*

  5. It's not that I don't want to support the original designer, but some clothes are way too overpriced. Like Supreme or Gucci or even Adidas and Nike, not to mention they almost never have my size :/

  6. Hi you are really good at matching and everything at fashion.. I would love it if you could help me out some day cuz I really suck I can match but the fashion nice wow it’s not there..

  7. Mama I think your hair need a touch up. Or was it the lighting? 🤔
    Anyway you’re gorgeous as always. It’s funny I like your styles since I’m wearing hijab. I guess I just need to adjust the length of every piece that I’ll wear 😁
    Love from Indonesia 🇮🇩 ❤️

  8. Yess I love faux fur and the fact many designer brands have stopped using real fur because innocent animals dying for clothes rlly breaks my heart😢💔 faux fur looks beautiful, no animals get hurt, and we look good for less!

  9. When I’m at school my friends say I dress really extra and their like man take a break but I can’t I love feeling like I’m a luxurious ceo of something no matter what they say they can’t stop me from throwing on heels and diamonds

  10. Another absolutely cute tip is layering clothes
    I love layering a cute summery like dress and a warm sweater under it, i saw this mostly used in korean fashion so try it if yall want to use your favourite dress in a super cold climate (okay maybe not too cold but you get what im saying)


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