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Scriptures on Peace!
| Isaiah 26:3 , John 16:33 , Colossians 3:15 , 1 Peter 5:7 |

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  1. ahh kelsey , I dont know how ,but your videos make me feel super comfortable. I get so many chill vibes while and after watching 💤🌹 Also the music in this video is amazing !!

  2. I would be relaxed until I start writing down what I have to do for the rest of the week/ month. Then I’d be stressed that I’m relaxing instead of doing my work 😂

  3. Don’t force yourself to upload it ok to take time to get your mentality straightened out we’ll patiently for you when your ready but I really love your energy 🥰😇

  4. Omg please do a room tour and a diy room decor video! Btw loved this video I legit needed this because this college application process is stressful lol

  5. the music in the background and you kelsey created this VIBE im obsessed now. ❤️😊 I'm goin to have spa tomorrow, cos i need care once in a while and release all stress and just breathe, enjoy the moment. 😊 I hope everyone here has a nice day and a spa day too.

  6. all YouTubers need to stop clapping while they talk it's such a distraction. for example in your case you're playing pretty music in your background and then you're clapping. just a tip. It cheapens your vibe. You're not the only one either. soooooooo many people do it. It's like an epidemic.

  7. Yesssss please film an updated skincare routine!!! And mention some products that you don’t use daily, but really enjoy on your pamper days! Ohhhh and maybe include a hair care routine with it too!!!!


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