How-to Sew Patches | EverSewn Hero Embroidery Machine


In this video I show you how to use the EverSewn Hero machine to make patches!

Read this blog for great step-by-step instructions on how to make patches:

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Hero Embroidery Conversion Software
To change the dimensions and other parameters of a Embroidery Design you need another Software:

Bernina Art-Link: Free Software to change the size of a Design of a software and other small
Bernina Toolbox: Entry Level Software to create your own designs:
Bernina V8 professional Software: Software to create and digitize your own designs.


Embroidery Thread:

Embroidery Needle:

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Embroidery Designs:

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    I'm so happy for you that you got it working! I know you've been waiting so long for this especially since you didn't know how and the machine was being difficult. GLAD IT WORKED OUT!!!

  2. Seems really difficult and expensive and like there's a lot of waste. It also bothers me that conversion has to be so expensive. I wish it was more available to curious diy'ers

  3. No accidentally went on her Comet thing and wrote a comment and then I thought was mine so so and then I realize one somebody like hold me you knew whatever I realize that I was on her answering thing

  4. Thank you for demoing this machine I had been eyeing it, also some duck bill embroidery scissors will help you get close to the edge of the fabric when cutting it out and be more precise than thread snips

  5. For patches there is a water soluble stabilizer called badge master that works really great. Also for trimming your excess material applique scissors work best.

  6. Always been interested in making my own garments, fun to learn and I get to choose how it looks and fits exactly! Okay, so I've been watching your helpful, inspiring vids for quite some time and I thought up a challenge that I believe would make even you scratch your head. Challenge: make one garment that is as versatile as possible, able to be worn as a skirt, pants, scarf, shirt, etc. Imagine how awesome that'd be! Anyways keep uploading your passion, we love it!

  7. I love watching your videos!!! I have this cute patterned dress that I thrifted and I want to make it look super cute but I just don't know how. Your videos are helping a lot!!

  8. this is so cool! i just got the bernette chicago 7 and the embroidery settings look exactly the same. I have been experimenting with embroidery but haven't thought about making patches. do you know if there is someone who will convert logos to embroidery files for a small fee instead of investing in the software?

  9. I have a question. My daughter who is just now "blossoming" only likes to wear shirts with built-in shelf bras. Since I thrift a lot I am having a hard time finding these items. Plus she has some favorite tops she would like me to sew in a bra for. Could you please consider doing a tutorial on how to do this? Thanks for your consideration.

  10. I notice in the previous video you said this machine does everything a conventional machine does? Button holes too? Do let us know additional features. Thank you for this video!

  11. Hi, with all do respect my sister am I missing something here; where is the part "How to make patches"? All you are doing is trying to advertise for expensive embroidery machines. Please if you are going to really teach then just do it. Otherwise please do not use wrong Title for your videos just to get views. Have a blessed day!

  12. Great Video ….. and You can also use liquid seam sealant. It keeps the boarder from unraveling or fraying. Also I like to use pre-Cut stabilizer. You just buy for your hoop size. I use Thermabond iron on adhesive if you want to make iron on patches. I have been embroidering for a few years…. I still mess up a lot. I buy shirts from Goodwill to practice on.

  13. I love the way she speaks. She has excellent elocution. I could listen to her say the word cotton all day. Not like these Mushmouth brainless people who omit the T from the word……uh, (kah-in)

  14. I love this. Even if I bought a machine and supplies I would still need someone to show me how to make a patch. Also this helps me decide if I want to invest the money. Thank you!!!


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