How To: The Nude Lip


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Hey dolls hope you find this helpfull! Let me know what you think, Im no expert and everyone has different opinions but this is my one =]
Sammi xoxo


  1. i am def warmtoned (around nc 25) but i always get compliments when i use cooltoned lippies (like snob l/s by mac) also viva glam gaga is cooltoned imo and it suits me really well..more than brown based ones…hmmm

  2. This video was very helpful for me… I think I'm similar to your skin tone, but I'm Asian! LOL Most gurus are a bit lighter than me so it's hard to find a good nude to match my skin. I'm definitely getting Nude Delight!!! ;o) Thanks girl!

  3. This was so helpful!
    I saw your new tattoo on your blog thats says This Too Shall Pass, thats exactly what I have been wanting for my fist tattoo, anyway it looks beautiful!

  4. where do you get makeup forvever? in the uk?..because i wanted to try their hd foundation but search on the internet and could only find sephora which is not sold here? please reply! x x

  5. haha i really likes this video. you were really funny and seemed lovely, aswell as being really helpful!! xx P.S the only other guru i have found like that is kendee johnson! And when people add bloopers thats nice. Perfect video, really enojyed it! x

  6. i've tried the :"nude lips" all the time, and almost everytime, my friend..commented" you look kinda dead" i cannot pull off the nude lips, i'm more into the pink toned lip color.

  7. i love the nude lip!
    another tip, if you dont think you can go all the way nude, try a subtle nude lip gloss.
    my favorite is the elf lucious liquid lipstick in baby lips!
    also, check out my channel please 🙂

  8. When you use foundation and you want a nude lip you don't just put foundation on them. Nude lips aren't just nude. They have a tint of color like pink or peach to them. So when you don't have a nude lipstick and want a nude lip, apply foundation to your lips first. Then take a pink or peach lip gloss and dab it onto your lips, blending it in with the foundation. It makes a really pretty color 🙂

  9. @MissCandyDelight2012i hope u dont mind me helping u, u cud mix almond oil and cocunut oil in a bottle and apply it everynight and your lips will get really bright overtime.

  10. I have super pigmented lips and putting foundation (my shade) made me look like a zombie (no I didn't put too much) my lips turned to a pale blue lavender


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