Huge Spring Haul





– Name plate necklace: [10% off with: clothesencounters]
– Top: Brandy Melville
– Lips: 3CE – Bubblegum
– Nails: OCC – Vapid


– Obey graffiti smiley sweater:
– Jac Vanek Weirdo sweater:
– Budweiser sweater:
– Palm leaf tank:
– White thin straps tank:
– White grid cut out trim:
– Home Alone tee:
– Denim vest:
– Brown anorak: Zara

– Tea party dress:
– Off the shoulder black dress:
– White dress:

– Sequin shorts:

– Chunky black sandals:
– Yes Northern Lights:
– Yes Donna:
– Yes Galactic:
– Aldo Servana:

– Filmed with a Canon T3i
– Edited on Final Cut Pro

– Edo Lee l Black Coffee:

FTC: This video is NOT sponsored.


  1. I absolutely loved the shorts!  You're right about the muted sparkle.  It's still enough to be eye catching and glam, but it's not that high mirror shine that can easily cross too far into "look at me!  look at me!"  It doesn't have the costume look that a lot sequined items seem to tip toe into.  

  2. Those shoes from Aldo are my favorite from your haul. I didn't like Heineken either til I traveled to Amsterdam and tried it there. It taste different once it's not package in the states for some reason. See if you like it then if you ever go there.  

  3. Honestly, I would probably never have the nerve or creativity to wear anything you talk about. I just love listening to you explain why you would rock it. 

    @clothesencounters You're so fashionably intelligent. 

  4. I just started a youtube channel in early february!! It'll be awesome if any of you could check them out!! :)) And jen, Ive always love your style!! You rock!! <3

  5. for the button ups or jean jackets that cover up the front: i find that if you wear a zip up hoodie underneath and kind of pull the hood out across your back, its pulls the button up back and towards  your sides so you can see your outfit!

  6. Hey Jenn:) I was wondering about that runaway bandits dress. what size did You get it in?
    because I wanted to get it, but I don't get their sizing
    I'm about 160cm and when it comes to dresses I wear a size small (european 36) but I also have a big but and a legs on the bigger side:P 

  7. Thanks for this awesome video! I loved the items especially that white dress, that vest, that weirdo shirt, and that jacket and I think it's cool that you got it from the boys section lol 😀

  8. Don't dry your Wet Bandits shirt in a dryer. The graphics will be sticking to the shirt or any other fabric it comes in contact with. It will definitely be ruined.

  9. I love your videos, I discovered your channel today is fantastic, your style is nsnjdskfndsf <3 and you're very nice, u really help me to find my own style I think I'm in love with you 😉 😉

  10. Hi Jen, I just saw this video over a need looking for spring fashion inspiration and seriously I just bought the shoes you put here (the one from ALDO) after I saw your video, it's just took my breath away so, thank you again!! and have you ever wear the shoes in one of your videos after this???

  11. Smiley faces and “weirdo” are so universal. I thought it was hilarious she thought they had to do with nirvana and Radiohead. Like she wanted to reference them to show off how cool she is…


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