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  1. I see a great deal of responses by declaring never buying a $250k car implies that the person wishes never to invest in a business in order to achieve getting their wants met….

  2. I cant believe how ppl even commented like "if she can do it i can do it too thank you tammy ur my motivation❤️❤️❤️" oh well give it a try hdhdhshshdhs 😂 im 26 and watching like ok she lives in another world and im here drinkin my coffee planning how am i going to pay my bills and do the grocery but still have money to have fun ?! Nooo im not Tammy 😂 gotta go back to work thanks for motivation 😂😂😂

  3. can u do a vid on what music you've been listening to recently? like you can even make it a car jam session, showing the titles of the song at the bottom. love u xx

  4. "I don't want a present" as she's on the way to get a g wagon lol. Basically you guys get what most family's spend on presents a year each time you go to the shops lol.

  5. According to these Youtube "Vloggers" working hard = Already having a luxury lifestyle growing up, making your viewers believe that you had nothing, being ultra materialistic, finding ways to brag on social media, and repeat. Just watch the videos and look how they try to indirectly brag, but will make sure the viewers know they bought something new.

    For those that want to be like them, you must get you lips injected, date a guy who is all about the gym, so cool and outgoing, be super materialistic.. but pretend to be chill and down to earth, have a snapchat and make sure you get those newly purchases.

  6. Thats normal to put on deoderate im a woman n been doing it since a teen it makes u feel fresher after a shower or bath who wants to have bad order sleeping thats a hella no no lol

  7. Wow ! Can I know How much money you make to buy a channel bag and a Mercedes ? On YouTube videos? And modelling ? Love from your poor followers in Latin America

  8. why is everyone hating on Tammy? yes, she does have money! so what?! Tammy has worked super hard on her Saski collection and other stuff to get her where she is today. she has two beautiful kids which she loves and adores, and she also has a successful business. y’all just jealous of her, don’t hate. love you Tammy x

  9. i drove past a g wagon today, then went home and saw this video and realised it was yours know i just want to see it again one day. Watched 20 seconds of your channel and subscrribed

  10. this is a car video so this is like a weird question i guess, but can you do a video about what living in australia is like? like your social norms, how expensive it is, and that sorta thing?

  11. My God, some people take things for granted smh i'd be happy to afford ANY type of car, I don't even care what brand it is… but I guess people measure happiness/success differently, which there's nothing wrong with that…


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