I Did A K-Pop Idol Gameshow With MINNIE of (G)I-DLE (Whisper Challenge, Charades And More)


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To celebrate the release of our newest single: WENGIE ft. MINNIE of (G)I-DLE ‘EMPIRE’ (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Minnie and I decided to play a fun K-pop gameshow where we challenged each other to mini games and got to know each other a bit better! Hope you enjoyed these games like the whisper challenge and charades they were so funny! Make sure you subscribe to my channel Wengie Music so you don’t miss our BTS and dance practice videos and lots more to come! I have worked with a lot of people in the K-pop industry but this is my first actual K-pop song of 2019 and it was the best experience! Hope you guys enjoy the track and put it on your top playlist for when you want to feel powerful because that’s what this song is about.

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Wengie is the #1 most followed media personality from Australia with a combined reach of over 25 million followers worldwide. Fusing her love for Pop music and K-Pop, she’s now established herself as a solo artist. With her first single ‘OH I DO’ reaching #5 in the China music charts, her Christmas hit ‘UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER’ trending #1 in the US on debut, and her recent single ‘MR NICE GUY’ ft. Inigo Pascual reaching #1 in the Phillippines, she’s continually making waves in the music industry.

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  3. I saw your music video with Minnie and I was like
    "wait is that wengie!?!?😮" And I don't know who Minnie is but she has an amazing voice😊GIRL POWER

  4. Im not a (g)-idle fan, but wow minnie is something else, i really like her personality! Maybe i should check their group out


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