IGN News – “Deal With It” Guy Departs Microsoft


Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth is no longer with the company following last week’s “deal with it” comments.

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  1. I think he only got fired for treating consumers with disrespect especially in a way that literally affects all consumers for the xbox 360 successor . but if mircosoft are seriously considering an always on approach then they should realise that they will be losing more money they they will gain fighting piracy with this idea.

  2. You speak the truth! It is not about being a fanboy people just want what they pay for. I live in a rural area and we have an internet outage at least once a week . What happens to people like us= we don't buy an always on xbox.

  3. Yeah, if microsoft does not implement the always online feature, i will buy the console and pirate crap out it. If it does, then i wont buy the console (they wont loose money with me).

  4. Look, he didn´t got fired for insulting anyone, he got fired beacuse of his twits, some potential customers won´t purchase the nextbox. Dont feel bad about the asshole, that guy probably got a pretty sweet severance pay and he would get a new job and being an ass with the people he deal with everyday.

  5. I feel bad for him he was just putting some bitchy geeks in their place. Some of the gamers out there are seriously such little pussies. The way the always have something to get butt hurt over and complain about.

  6. Yeah I totally agree. I would have fired him too. You can't have the consumers thinking that Microsoft's high ranking employees think that of their customers. Gamers need to ease up though. I think it's fascinating how much hatred is spewed from the gaming community.

  7. I don't think the main problem with the always online feature is internet connection. I think the main issue is taking away the freedom from the player and having their game system tell them what they can't do!

  8. You are not looking at the whole picture here. There is no fair or unfair here. The repercussion of his tweets are costing Microsoft's PR department a fuckton of money to rectify(if they can ever recover from it). And the first step of rectification ANY company would do in these situation is to disassociate themselves with whoever is damaging the image of the company, which in this case is Mr #Dealwithit

  9. This is how people deal with situations and perhaps Microsoft is loosing a lot of money or reputation because of this but I believe there are always better ways to deal with such situations. They could say that this incident has helped to make them stronger. They have heard the voice of the people and will do their best to create products people want. Get him to apologize for his actions and also explain that they will put more time into training their personal better and not only products.

  10. What about our troops overseas or on bases with spotty internets? Fuck them right? Damn Microsoft I've been a loyal customer for 10+ yrs but if this is the corporate attitude you can all go fuck off. We don't all live in the great city of Seattle you smug twats

  11. No, he was not putting anyone ''in there place'', he trolled and talked shit about the less fortunate, he then tried to argue with comments that didn't make sense, ''All electronics are Always-On''

    He is a retarded man with no selflessness.

  12. He's obviously intelligent if hes was selected to be the creative director for Microsoft. And If you don't know anybody who has every been in a high ranking position in a big company, it is a very stressful thing to be. I'm not saying he didn't fuck up but I can imagine how the millions of whining gamers who were bitching about always on could make him snap.
    I would have fired him too BTW.

  13. Speak for yourself. I can afford a xbox but I am mature enough to make the decision to go with a Playstation without feeling like I've been done a disservice by Microsoft because they wen't a direction that I might not favor. And by the way that guy is not so wealthy that he looks down on consumers as inferior, He probably makes less than $200,000.

  14. Its not an issue about money, but the reliability and access to High speed internet. During the recession the video game industry has been immune to the economic slowdown. Poor or humble folks were still able to purchase an Xbox360, people will want something to get their minds off of their daily stressful lives. Its 2013 yet their are still millions of people who do not have internet access in the US, especially those who live in Rural and poor communities. How do they not get this?

  15. This was probley the guys idea in the first place but microsoft told him no we wont do a always on system so he tryed to start more rumors on twiitter about always on. Hears what i belive is that the always on is a joke and that it is ment by when you buy a game you must enternet to play the first time and then later you can play offline. Like if you agre.

  16. everybody is either getting mad at orth or getting mad at microsoft, but just think about it he took a meme and used it against whining customers. HOW BAD ASS, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IS THAT? not only that but, he used a meme to make him self a meme. pretty fucking cool. B.T.W i agree that he should be put in his place.

  17. more likely he was sacked for leaking to the world that your devices never actually switch off unless the battery is removed, and are always silently transmitting your info to the microsft/cia/fbi network

  18. I like how he used the analogy that people will still buy cell phones even if the reception is bad in their area. He doesn't realize that the Xbox actually has a competitor that most people will probably be buying anyway because Sony is busy lining up exclusive games.

    The whole "always online" thing might just knock Microsoft out of the console market. As much as I hate Playstation controllers (seriously, they're terrible), I plan on buying a PS4 if Microsoft doesn't get their act together.

  19. Doesn't change the fact that the idea of "always on" is extremely stupid.

    Remember when the PSN servers were down?(I don't because I use PC), but if the PS3 would require always on to play games, then people would be unable to play for quite some time. There's many other examples, but none of them make always online seem like a good idea.

    It's sad that some people don't know what proper grammar is…

  20. It's been around for years. Mostly multiplayer only games, but that's required in online games though, so no one had a problem with that.

    Also, I'm sorry, but did you live under a rock when Diablo 3 and error 37 was a thing?

  21. dude i was talking to the other guy not you n if you wanna troll make sure to know how i have a pic for my work n grammar seriously this is the internet welcome aboard old man

  22. The fact that he was defending the "always on" idea pretty much proves its validity. Because of him they probably won't do it which is probably why he got canned. There is no benefit for Microsoft to allow this rumor to drag on unless they plan on dumping that on us after it gets pre-ordered.

  23. Halo and Gears are over so who cares about XBox anyway. (Typed from the Xbox Internet Explorer.) "You might win some but you just lost one.."

  24. I think Orthy really wanted an always online console but the "consumer centric" part of Microsoft refused because of the negative response. He probably took out his anger out on twitter and left the company out of frustration. This being said that Microsoft may have revoked the idea of an always online console! Stay optimistic guys!

  25. Doesn't matter, you have to remain professional when you are dealing with a multi million dollar company like that, also he basically leaked rumors, making it seem as if they were true.

  26. "you idiot you've just lost us thousands of customers for acting like a douche on the internet, now get the f%%k out my building you're fired!…deal with it."
    thats how i like to imagine he left microsoft 🙂


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