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Double Fine’s Happy Action Theater is a fun game for the whole family. The weird and quirky actions of the game will make your body sore and the time fly. With the littlest of barriers in the actual gameplay, you can pretty much do anything you want without being limited in the actions you perform on the Kinect. Check out IGN’s Casey Lynch and his kids review this game for you! Happy Action Theater arrives Feb 1st exclusively on Xbox 360!

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  1. Nice job at the target audience from Double Fine, another great achievement! And great idea with involving the kids in the review Casey, that was really appropriate and cute too! 😀

  2. @SteelerEagleFan

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  14. I took the plunge and got it for my nieces…super fun for them. One is 6 and the youngest is 2 both had a blast…..the great thing about the game is that you can choose to rotate the games automatically or choose an individual game and play it indefinitely. Fun for the big kids too 😉
    Highly recommend it.

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  30. @smilesterXtrem5 This has to be the absolute stupidest argument in the history of mankind. I'm very tempted to write the Library of Congress to have this memorialized as a historically significant artifact.

  31. I love how any pretty much any video on YouTube has people fighting and arguing.

    Really like Casey getting his kids involved in the review, it made sense to get their opinions.

  32. I was confused at first with the "Greg Miller" annotation… I didn't expect children of such a PS3 fanboy to be able to even pronounce the word Kinect… Fortunately it wasn't Greg Miller or his kids (if anyone would be willing to have his kids)

  33. Hella reading off a script.
    If I were to review this as a kid, I'd be all like "THIS IS SO FUN OMAELOGRWKESYNHES%LW@$^@#$%!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!~!~!!$@@$RGSW$%I$%E"

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