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Imperator: Rome reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC.

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  1. I think this game needs more patches, and as much as I hate to say it, DLC will help too.
    It really needs patches since performance is horrible. This is one of the very few games that I can't run smoothly without sudden frame drops and those frame drops are frequent.

    But once the performance issues are fixed and more content is added, it'll be amazing

  2. Think I'll wait for a few updates then while they sort out the kinks. This game looks incredible, if not a bit rough around the edges.

  3. I cannot express enough how much I despise Paradox UI. Hearts of Iron IV has by far the best UI and Map layout/coloration. Wish we could just apply the hoi4 UI and map coloration could be transplanted.

  4. In my opinion it is better to have a detailed game that is hard to learn than a shallow game that seems fun at first. EDIT I've just bought the game and it's very disappointing.

  5. Yep, looks like a Paradox UI.

    CKII is an amazing game, even if it took me 100 hours just to figure out what I was doing. As much support as that game has received over the years, there is still basic UI stuff that hasn't been improved. There are plenty of streamers who put thousands of hours into these games who could easily give a list of improvements that should be made. Even modders can't fix everything. It's a real shame that so much of the basic information about games like CKII is obscured behind multiple clicks and tool tips are really lacking. The depth is what kept me coming back but depth doesn't have to mean unnecessarily complex menus.

  6. I'm already missing one of my favourite nations in grand strategy: China. They put Maurya in the game, as they should, but the Zhou and Qin dynasties should and could have been in the game. Guess that will be DLC?

  7. odd how critics love it but yet the actual gamers…not so much. Guess when critics get the games for free they have different standards.

  8. I like the fact that even with a small army and heavily outnumbered you still have a chance. I played as the city state Byblos with a token army and still defeated a dozen mighty Phrygian armies thanks to the strategy and battle line configurations as well as some skill and luck. Viva Phoenicia!

  9. Paradox games have been getting better looking and adding interesting features while removing some of the quality of life and features important for grand strategy like a quality UI and ledger. Same issue with HOI4

  10. Can't help but notice people refuse to compare this to Rome: Total War/Total War II. Why? Because you're fanboy of Paradox? Come on! You can't love a game just because you love the company, just like you can't love a song just because you love the artist!

    This looks like a more micro-management, less beauty, far shittier combat, lesser game version of Total War. See it for what it is!

  11. I have to say i disagree with the comment about tribal nations, i jumped straight into the game as a north german tribe, i didnt go on the tutorial, and even though the game is hard to get a grasp of, i can honestly say that my first 12+ hours have been really fun.
    So, if thats the worst part of the game then i cant wait to play as somebody else!

  12. Maybe in 100 Euro we have a game that doesn't feels like its 10 years old on a new map.
    That was the last time i preordered a paradox game.
    And paradox was one of the last companies that was left where i preorder at all anymore.

    Spare your money on this piece of crap.

  13. The game is awfull. MANA instead of timers is boring. Fabricate mehanic_boring. War mehanic_meh. Ai can buy Mercenarys of the map once it is siged down and comes back an unsige when you are fighting another guy in another part of the map_cheap. To much to big provinces makes you fell like you are playing eu4 in fussia or hoi4 in china. Atacking a cuntry guaranteed by ai you have truce with counts as breaking truce_wtf. Roads coast mana instead of gold. Only Latin can build roads_wtf. Fight tactics is ok. No focus tree and personal ideas makes countrys fell generic. AE generating unrest, wtf. Pop managment is tedious. No pop screen. No conver all. Mayor povers inervening in your wars even if they don't guarantee. Same events every five years like olympics. Converting pops cost to much mana. Avto convert takes 100 years per province wtf. Governers change your province polices make you spent more mana to set it back. Not enuff buildings. Not enuff policys. Resarch to generic. Advisors and other people in government dont do much_way better done in eu4. Dont care about people in government and their events at all. Converting a pop cost 20 mana but stability cost 100. Totally inbalenced. Ships cant pick armys from ports. When selecting ship at see it selects the army on ship insread of ship. It takes 2 years to convert province in eu4 but a 100 in imperator. Auto conversions way to slow covering up for lack of province focuses. Game less then 300 year instead of 400 or more. Lack of starting dates. Formible nations dont get new ideas or even flags. Generic and boring, the only thing I like now is a map.

  14. Plethora…of troop types?….Seems IGN does not know the meaning of the word…let me help you out. (plethora
    n. A superabundance; an excess.) There are like 9 unit types…9….9 unit types shared mind you for the whole world. Game is empty platform for modding and dlc selling…sad to see this happen.

  15. 1:09
    If you keep playing this game you might end up finding that this game is the simplest of them all unfortunately…
    Essentially, this is the exact opposite of "a return to a messier time"…

  16. How much money did IGN take from Paradox to give it an 8 out of 10 on the Steam page. You're clueless, clearly out of touch with the people who play the game.

  17. What about the bugs? Can't play on my campaign any more due to patches. Need to start a new game in order to play on. 1.03 that just came out states that we should start a new game to ensuring everything works. I think this is early beta quality for a game, in which campaigns can span 100s of hours


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