Iron Man Director Takes on Star Wars! – SJU


Our SJ News team talk Disney’s hiring of Jon Favreau for an upcoming live action Star Wars tv show, celebrate our favorite women in film, and more! – It’s SJU!

Hosted by Roth Cornet, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr and Billy Business

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  1. Kathryn Hahn and Judy Greer! Two very underrated actresses and my favorite. If I find out they’re in a movie I’m not very interested in, I’ll definitely give it a watch just to see what they do.

  2. Ava Duvernay is a legend and an inspiration to us all. I wholeheartedly echo everything Roth said about her. It doesn’t matter that A Wrinkle In Time swings big and misses – what matters is it swings big. In interviews, Duvernay has spoken about how she had a vision in her head of the type of career she wanted – a career like Steven Spielberg – but she knew that this sort of career was unprecedented for a black woman. And so she created opportunities for herself where none previously existed and has taken a running leap at every single one, knowing each and every time she will be risking everything. And the most encouraging fact of all: she didn’t direct her first film until she was 32. So none of us should ever think we’ve missed our chance in life just because our careers didn’t pan out how we hoped they would in our 20s. I wish I could emulate Ava Duvernay’s approach to life in everything I do.

  3. An inspiring woman in cinema? Lina Wertmuller. the first woman director ever nominated at the Academy Awards. Also, she is now 89 and she still rocks.

  4. It seems the hate for the Prequels is the expectations. We were all expecting to see the Jedi’s at the height of their power and kicking ass.
    But, the story required the Prequels to show their massive fall from power, which everyone hated.

  5. Finally someone mentions Schitts Creek. The show is incredible and totally Canadian. The world loved Corner Gas and now Schitts Creek could be the next worldwide Canadian show.

  6. Billy's analysis on 'buzz words' is so on point if you know that Veep episode about the word 'robust', which is actually in that press release! 😀

  7. If you haven't seen it you need to find SCTV Cahterine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis, John Candy and Rick Moranis to name a few all in the same show

  8. Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr and Billy Business all had a good take on how Jon Favreau would be chosen for a streaming live action Star Wars series. But my only comment should be: Support the Students on March 24th.

  9. a whole segment about how ava duvernays movie most likely failed and trying to soften the fact that it sucks because she's a women. she's an academy nominated filmmaker she doesn't need y'all pity. just treat her like everyone else, everyone has hits and misses, she will bounce back.

  10. Favreau will be great with Star Wars series. He had a rough time with Iron man 1 and 2 but killed it with Jungle Book. I think he probably has a handle now on how to work with the huge Disney machine and will rock this..

  11. I feel sorry for Ava more than I do for someone like Zack Snyder after BvS. Snyder had directed several big budget films up until that point. He wasn't in a position where he was taking a huge leap in terms of his career. He'd had the experience, and while I respect how much he loves the source material he works with I just think he should've known better at that point. This is Ava's first big budget film, and it sounds like it's a failure. I hope this doesn't discourage her in any way, and I hope that she can only learn from it.

  12. Holy shit dude is that a Usagi Yojimbo cap?
    Hell yes!
    Also, Roth is an inspiring Woman in film as far as I am concerned! 🙂

  13. Ok, so a person with 1 well received feature film under her belt is not a "proven storyteller". At worst, Wrinkle in Time proves that she is not a good storyteller at all and at best she is 1 from 2 in feature films. She has done some other documentaries (13th the best example) and TV episodes but there is nothing to suggest any sort of consistency in her craft. Directing big budget feature films is very different and may be not suited for her talents. She needs to go back to the drawing board.

  14. Roth is a real standout woman in film this year. She's pretty much the reason I watch SJU, and I am not alone in that sentiment. Spen, Joe, and Dan are funny, but I have Honest Trailers and HT Commentary for them. This show is Roth's. No matter how slow of a news day it is, she makes the stories fun and charismatic and meaningful and educational. This show should be called SJRC.

  15. I find it kind of hypocritical to praise Wrinkle in Time for taking risks and not delivering, when so many people openly bash Snyder and dont give him any props for taking huge creative risks.

  16. I don't dislike Jon Favreau but I'm honestly getting disappointed with Kathleen Kennedy. She specifically came out and said she was going to have diversity behind and in front of the camera. It's obviously not true at this point. Considering how Wonder Woman and Black Panther have performed, I'm surprised how resistant she is being. There are a lot of deserving people that can breathe new life and supply new perspectives to Star Wars. I just wish they would stop recycling the same ten middle aged white guys for every franchise.

  17. Favreau is on cloud 9 with Disney at this point and still gets producing credit on some of the Marvel properties, so I think he still gets money for that, I have to say anything he does with Disney right now has to be by choice and with a passion and desire to do it

  18. I regularly walk through London with a stupid smile on my face trying not to laugh out loud at this show. Just hearing them hi-jack the segments and ad lib is why this show is one of my favourite on YouTube.


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