IT Chapter Two Cast Make IGN Interviewer Live His Worst Nightmare – Comic Con 2019


The Loser’s Club is all grown up and on stage with us at Comic-Con to talk about the horrors of being an adult. Jessica Chastain, James Ransone, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa and Andy Bean share what scared them as kids and why that’s changed as adults — and roast IGN interviewer Max Scoville in the process.

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  1. awwww haha, Max you did fine. The questions weren't great and nobody wanted to be there, so it just all turned on you but you did better than I would have done in that situation. Don't sweat it, bud. The dude sitting right next to you was the only person putting in effort to give you decent answers.

  2. The end of that video was uncomfortable to watch – host was made to feel uncomfortable during the entire interview – then makes a joke at the end and the actors quickly jumped on him.

  3. Max is infinitely more endearing than anyone else there – can feel that Hollywood "airs & graces" through the whole interview; dissapointing considering I only know who two of the cast are 🤷‍♂️

  4. I don't blame anyone here. They've all been great in other interviews, they were prob just exhausted and the questions weren't very creative. Max handled it better than most would have.

  5. poor max, this was hard to watch but feel it was more on the actors than him. I guess they were showing the rest of the IGN team talk about them and they didn't like it for some reason? Chastain seemed to stick up for them and say it was positive though

  6. It seems that the interviewer’s colleagues (“those other ones”) had been badmouthing the actors/the movie before this interview took place, and the actors had seen it on video.

  7. Today I learned not only is IGN terrible at movie reviews, they're also terrible at interviewing the actors.

    Edgy shirt interviewer – "so uh, when you get older do you find things you were once scared of become not scary"

    Cast – ….


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