It’s finally the big day!!! I cant tell you hoe bloody excited I am – I hope you love it all! A chat through the inspiration behind the whole brand and all of my pieces.

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  1. The way Sammi says JEWELLERY😤😤😤 I’m sad this is maybe copied off Esteè Lalondes collection – wonder what Esteè thinks 🤔

  2. I love Sammi and I was ready to buy something from her collection, but, I have to say im a little bit disappointed 🙁 I thought the pieces were going to be different and original, but I feel like we've seen this before SO MANY TIMES (specially lately). I guess it's hard taking risks when you are just starting in the bussiness though. These pieces will sell well because they are very on trend and I guess that's the idea!!
    Anyway, Im very happy for you and the website looks amazing xx

  3. Is it just me but first when i read Paris i immediatly think a silver color for jewellery (effel tower is grey) 😉. Because I'm I'm french girl maybe?🤔

  4. I’ve never wanted to buy jewellery so much before. The whole collection is actually beautiful. I’m going to have to treat myself for Christmas with these stunning pieces! Great job Sammi!! ❤️❤️

  5. Wow made to order 24ct recycled gold very impressed!! Please add a currency convertor for your followers outside the UK! It would make it so much easier for me to see the prices in dollars

  6. Ordering the London Gilded Ring on Chain necklace in silver! So beautiful. Congratulations Sammi. I can tell a lot of love and thought went into this collection

  7. I LOVE how you have three high quality metals, the prices are a tad out of my budget right now, so I hope this collection will last a while and not be a buy now or never situation 😩 and I think you nailed the three city’s sooo well in terms of the different pieces you created 😍😍 you really inspired me to get into jewellery back in my sixth form days and whilst I moved away from it in between, now I’m 24 I’m loving it more than ever and sooooo proud of what you’ve created 😍🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  8. sammi!!! this collection is so good!! i hope you don't take this the wrong way, but i'm surprised how many of the pieces i really like, especially because i don't wear much jewelry. the london collection is my favorite!

  9. You did you so amazing Sammi!
    Everything is very timeless, honestly stunned by the Parisian collection – I love the Parisian orb earrings – incredible the shape – and the cuffs – I want to buy it all!
    Love that its sustainable – all so you!! And me too hehe

  10. Congratulations Sammy!!!! So excited for you. You've always been passionate about jewelry and put me on GOLD. I was a silver girl and haven't looked back for years now. Glad you're putting out something that makes you glow. xx

  11. Hi Sammi,
    Been a fan since you started and it's been so nice growing with you! You are literally the only person I watch anymore on YouTube. You've always been so down to earth and I thank you for that. Congratulations on your new venture! I'm also a jewelry collector. I'm so glad you found another niche to explore after Novem&Knight. You live and you learn right? This first collection is really lovely! It really looks like you. Keep going and do your thing! Much love from PA, USA 💗💍💗

  12. "I've been a lover and a collector of jewelry for years." That's what Estée and Amelia said too! It's okay to just admit that it's just the "in" thing for a London beauty vlogger to do right now. The Arsinoe necklace in particular looks inspired by Estée's sunburst pendant.

  13. Congratulations on your new jewelry line! I am a huge jewelry person. I love the pieces you chose. They are so unique and absolutely beautiful! I’ll be saving to get some pieces! 😍🥂

  14. Sammi I have watched your channel for years, following your story/life events and I just want to say how much I LOVE the collection- honestly it's sooooo beautiful, and I am sooo so happy for you !!! you go girl, keep on hustling !

  15. Wow what an amazing new brand!! Been following the insta and been getting so excited for the launch! 🙇🏼‍♀️ Everything is so timeless and beaut! Might have to add some of these pieces on my Christmas list! 💓💓

  16. love the jewellery, love the imagery, love the website and love how one of your big dreams has come true, you truly deserve it! Can't wait to order some bits (and ask for some for christmas!!)

  17. Wow Sammi….. what can I say…. I’m so impressed!!!!! And so proud of u! Ur jewelry is rly one of a kind. The designs r unique, statement, chic and luxe! WOW how do u do that!!!?!

  18. So refreshing to see you following your passion. You are very confident talking about it and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Well done, Sammi; it all looks beautiful! Congratulations!

  19. So proud of you sammy!! I’ve watch how far you’ve come and I’m so happy that you have found your niche 😍 the pieces are absolutely stunning ..I’ve never seen anything like them. Very well done to you. Kudos xx

  20. I’ve been looking for a chain necklace FOREVER and I’m glad I didn’t settle for one because the New York chain in rose gold is perfect! Can’t wait to order. I’m so happy they’re made to order to because I was worried they might sell out

  21. Congratulations Sami !!!! I’m so happy to hear about this launch of yours ! I have been following you since you started and you continue to inspire me ; I wish I had picked up the camera back then but everyone has their own path but you’ve continued to inspire me on my own path ! I will definitely be purchasing something as s Christmas present to my self 🥰💖👏🏾

  22. Please make a real gold version of them! You'll earn a little more and I'll buy it because I won't have to worry about ever taking it off 🙂

  23. So amazing! Every single piece is chic and super wearable. I seriously would love to own the entire collection! I can tell you put real time and effort and creativity into this. Thank you Sammi! ❤️

  24. So proud of everything you have done here! I wish I could support you as I have been watching you for years and I’m so bloody happy for you, so surprised at how gorgeous and affordable these pieces are. If I had the money I would buy every single piece just to show my love x

  25. I am one of your older subscribers. I am 64 years old. I have been following you a long time. I don’t wear your kind of clothes and I don’t like tattoos, but I like you and like to see what you’re up to. You’re just you and very likable in your videos. I want to compliment you on this new venture. I didn’t expect to be able to wear any of the jewelry, but I am so surprised. Anyone can wear them! I’m ordering the chain necklace and bracelet and the small hoop earrings. I am very proud of you!

  26. Sammi, I like you and have been following you a long time but as much as I was so excited to check out your jewlry pieces, I realized that I already have them. I have the Gold Rosette hoops from Missoma and your just have an additional hoop. The London Arsione necklace looks sooo similar to the ones in the Lucy Williams collection. The New York chain looks lihe the ones in 1987 collection, the London boyfriend signet is basically the same as the Missoma one, same color, same concept, just a minor shape modification. Come on…. I mean, I get it, everyone likes these styles in 2019 but you worked so much with Missoma, I would have thought that you would do something different and respect their creations. Sorry but that's my opinion and I can't stay silent. I don't want hate from anyone so please bring some decent arguments if you think I am wrong.


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