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Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, believes his character could one day appear in the same movie as The Avengers.

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  1. Why did they use the 240p french version of Wolverine: Origins trailer, i mean it doesn't really matter seeing how that movie is shit but… 

  2. C'mon, Disney! Convince Fox to let them share the film rights with you like what you did with Spider-Man with Sony/Columbia last February!

  3. Couple things first despite what you want to believe this means nothing as much of a star as Hugh Jackman is he has no control or power in this. Second it will never happen there would be so many continuity issue, who is the real quicksilver, where was the xmen during the events of the avengers, so forth and so on. Also with the addition of one character named spiderman that's pushed Marvels slate back so far if they added these guys we would never get a another Thor, or panther movie. Also Xmen is extremely successful why does Fox need to split the profit they have a working team and the fact that that they can add the fantastic four they'd never do it. Your probably saying oh but they'll make more money if they add the avengers. No they won't they'd be splitting the revenue with Marvel. And last but not least They hate each other. Marvel has made a consistent effort to undermine the fantastic four, notably canceling the comic just to tick off Fox. There have been verbal jabs between companies. To sum it up it will never happen.

  4. I think the X-Men character that would work best in the current MCU would be Deadpool because of how much he makes fun of the other superheroes. Still have high hypes and hopes for the movie.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that he wants this to happen and I would be happier than a con artist ripping off 2 million dollars. But come on guys, Hugh is only an actor, not even a director for the x-men franchise. Until I hear news that FOX and MARVEL have struck a deal about their film properties then we should be excited.

  6. Since when is a channel with year old videos and over 5 million subscribers a brand new channel? IGN, I love you and everything, but can you please edit that little part out of your outro…

  7. the difference between spider man and the x-men is that the last several x-men movies have been big successes for Fox where as the last few spider man movies have been failures for Sony.  Fox isn't going to allow the x-men be in anyone else movie franchise because they are making bank off of them by themselves.  

  8. Of course this would be every fanboys wet dream but the xmen movie franchise has been better than the spiderman reboot. In the end its all about money, if both Disney/marvel and fox could come to a agreement then this can be a reality, yet the problem is that marvel then would not need to add the Inhumans into the MCU. If not, just get Cyclops and wolverine to join the battle against Thanos in infinity war having Dr strange teleport them into the MCU

  9. As much as i wanna see this happen i kinda think it would be too much. Like, the MCU has The Avengers, Gotg, and the Inhumans (which im thinking would be Marvels answer to xmen/mutants) By time the Infinity War movies come out the MCU would be packed with heroes.

  10. Please in the name of God, do never merge the existing X-Men universe with the Marvel MCU. It just doesn´t fit! All guys and girls who share this opinion unite and sign a petition or make aware of it!

  11. stupid Jackman destroys wolverine character!!! go away jackman, let joss whedon and kevin feige work good and in peace!!! you can be destroy more the wolverine with your stupid movies from FOCX!!! .l.

  12. He's wrong. Quick Silver is in Avengers 2 with an entirely different back story than Days of future past's Quick Silver. It wouldn't make any sense. In Avengers 2 they're not even allowed to call Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch mutants because the X-Men movie universe is owned by someone else.    

  13. Although this is like a massive cock tease and I would love for this to happen, I don't think it can. I believe, you can't have JUST Wolverine enter the MCU, you need the rest of the X-Men. Sure you could have him in his own stand-alone movie where he battles the Hulk, but what about when there's an Avengers type movie? You can have Wolverine present, but where are the rest of the X-Men? Or you could not have Wolverine present, but why have his own stand-alone movie set in the MCU?

  14. I wouldn't mind seeing Wolverine in an Avengers crossover as long as it's Hugh Jackman. It would have to be for a great purpose for him to be in that film though.

  15. But let's face the fact, everything WAS possible until Dofp introduced Quicksilver and now AoU is gonna introduce Quicksilver. You can't have 2 characters at the same time unless either one is an Older version of the character which implies time travel and i'm sure we won't get that

  16. If marvel gets there hands on wolverine they have a beginning of a monopoly cause there is only a few properties out there left that marvel hasn't already latched onto/well they sorta belong to marvel atleast the comics but let's get all of them and get crossover glory

  17. But if Marvel did bring Wolverine into their movie universe they'd have to reboot and restart the Xmen universe as the tone of the two worlds the characters come from are so different.

    Xmen supposedly comes from the real world using real life history like the cuban missile crisis or a Second World War without ever mentioning Captain America or even Hydra.

    While Marvel Cinematic universe has it's own history that diverts alot from the real world unlike the Xmen. If this deal happened it'd bite Jackman in the a$$ as he wouldn't be cast to play Wolverine anymore as his Wolverine doesn't fit Marvel's vision of the character. Just look at what happen to Andrew Garfield after Disney made the deal with Sony recently.

    Seriously Hugh Jackman needs to think about this carefully if he wants to still play Wolverine in the future if Marvel and Fox somehow come to some agreement.

  18. If the next Wolverine/Xmen movie sales bad like TASM2 maybe fox will stand up like Sony this probaly will happen if Fanastic four sales bad like how fox did with Daredevil

  19. You know James Gunn said that he is gonna bring his favorite supper heros to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 he couldnt do befor because he belong to someone els i was thinking it wouldn't be spiderman but it would make sence if they put Wolverine who knows ?

  20. Eventhough I really want to see a live-action Hulk vs Wolverine, I don't think it can happen. The current X-Men and Marvel universes can't be merged together, it just wouldn't make sence. So that means one of the universes has to reboot so it can adjust itself to the other universe. But because both movie universes have such a great cast which they can't take with them in the rebooted universe because that would be to confusing.

  21. What is talking about, you can just throw characters in? Wolverine and Susan storm are critical characters in the age of ultron, not just thrown in. Character rights are killing marvel movies

  22. Good actor,maybe the role of his life…but he should let go sometimes…Of course he want a crossover to claw Iron Man down as he did with Phoenix…he just want to look badass,more than others wich is not ok…considering  others are a lot stronger than him

  23. Does anybody know the name of the song playing in the background, or where it's from? It sounds familiar. lt also sounds awesome!

  24. FOX should lend Fantastic Four to MARVEL, so they could give them some dignity, specially a real and coherent Dr. Doom without alien BS. I want the latverian crazy dictator that mix technology and magic, not everything we have seen so far when it comes to movies.


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