James Hetfield Discusses Getting Sober (from Joe Rogan Experience #887)


This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #887 with James Hetfield (https://youtu.be/5O6QPTawR14), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2igR5f9).



  1. Someone (any relatively high profile band) should have 'played' Sad But True on stage with the singer pretending to swig from a bottle, see how Hetfield would have liked it to be mocked for his addiction.

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  3. let me tell you this pussy came to Hawaii in the early 90s , and after the first song he said are we great or what.  me and my ex left immediately.  you will never be judas priest.  fuck this group.

  4. Not everyone who has traveled a rough road like this can be so honest and open about their weaknesses. A testament to the fact that he truly has changed and "grown up," so to speak. Kudos to him for his humility and grace as a human being.

  5. People drink, smoke, take drugs, cheat, etc. etc. for 1 reason.
    They want to feel different. In most cases they want to feel different because they're unhappy.

  6. Can we all say a prayer for James? He’s gone back into a recovery program for his addiction. Stay strong James, grab the demon drink by the throat and slay it!

  7. sad news, probably all y'all heard it by now, James returned to rehab today, on Cliff's anniversary. Nothing but love and support for him.WE will stay him till the end no matter what. Love you Papa Het

  8. Writing this as news just broke that James has re-entered rehab. Just shows you that addiction can take anyone down. Rich or poor. Famous or anonymous. And, sadly, even if you’ve been in recovery before. James. We love you. You’re down, but not out. You can beat this again.

  9. I am not a religious person but I really pray for you James! You are a great friend of mine (in my mind :)) since I was 13! I hope you will be back shouting YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!

  10. After being sober for 18 years, who would of thought that he would relapse? Why would you go back after staying clean for so long? What's so good for so long, turns so bad so quickly… can't believe that he has to go through with this again… Alcoholism is not easy, trust me, I've been drinking for almost 12 years and I've been on and off with it. Someday I will overcome it… No matter what happens though, he will always be my music hero! Hope you get healthy James! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  11. I don't want James end up like Cornel or Hanneman, im afraid so much for James to be honest, he is more than a metallica front man, if alcohol makes him to perform well then fuck it, im ok if he only gives safe interviews than playing

  12. I have been Clean & Sober 13+ years…It's God and AA, not knowing myself. In 8 minutes I heard nothing about working a program…and for you all asking why someone can be sober for that long and then go drink? You have your answer right there. We will save a seat for you James, hope you make it into the rooms!

  13. Well done for sharing and making it work. It takes courage and bravery to climb that mountain. You can’t take anything away from this man and his alcoholism. I can’t imagine the cost for the rehab and aftercare. Must have been extortionate. Addiction is fucker.

  14. Hetfield back in rehab…it's crazy how if a guy like him, with great family, tons of success and wealth relapses, how does the average joe that works a shitty job and can barely make ends meet stay clean?

  15. Not to point of out the obvious because I myself struggle with alcoholism. They released a beer with stone and a whiskey with there name on it. That obviously had to trigger James, he had to market and advertise his past addiction for business.

  16. This mans words have got me through everything ive ever went through. My hearts aches for him. I'm just glad he loves his fans do much that he decided to get help quick so he can be can be here for us as long as possible


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