Jared Leto Unsure About Joker’s Journey in Suicide Squad – IGN News


Jared Leto has been discussing the Joker’s journey in Suicide Squad, the actor both disappointed and confused over missing scenes.

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  1. Oh my God Leto…. come on…if you DIED??? please do not go there… You know the reason why Heath's Joker stole the movie was cause it was innovative & went places that was unheard of. He also improv so many actions as the Joker, that it was legendary, from saying certain quotes, to brushing his hair back, to his mixed up origin story… even how he looked back at the explosion when it did not set off. His death is tragic & I think it robbed us from a great actor we could have learned from but sadly, it did add to the mysticism of his performance… but it was not what made it legendary… it was because everything he did was the perfect recipe for a character that blows us away even to this day, he was the apex for our time in that character. Your performance is GREAT! IT IS! But… you just had a high bar set & the way it was written just, did not allow you to make room to make it your own. If you die… which I hope is never (you weird emo rock actor of love, you), then you would have had this being your last role & to be referred always as "his last role; which was a role previously done by late award winning actor Ledger who won the Oscar for playing the same character, was the Joker…ect.,ect" & you know that is not what you want as your legacy. You need a new character… maybe take chances in more characters that really can challenge & make you shine! There are characters out there… I can name one which I thought of when I saw your performance, which was Venom. Red Hood, Sandman…. hell, I think you can totally pull an awesome Riddler… I mean, seriously, I can see you making that legendary. Smart & unassuming, then turn around to getting the upper hand with using brains over brawn… or Venom, to have a symbiotic alien…. yeah, I can totally see that!

  2. Spoiler: I see his frustration bout scenes being cut but I think there were too many characters in the film and for a first film to squeeze everything in. If that was the case they should've called it joker and Harley Quinn dead shot movie cause that's what the movie revolved around really!!

  3. The sequel to this movie should be done like assault on arkham and just take place in the asylum and have joker as one of the escaped inmates along with batman creeping around taking down bad guys. Like imagine the tone of the movie shifting to dark whenever batman is stealthily taking down inmates and security cameras going out.

  4. his answer has nothing to do with the cast being party the day before, Jared is just a weird person, always and he probably wans't at the party with the rest of the cast, he doesn't like parties and he not even drink alcohol, never.

  5. i feel bad for him, he really gave his everything to become the joker and give us a incredible joker, But they pretty much cut him out of this movie like he had his scenes but like he even said just about all of them were cut out DC is not doing to hot when it comes to making the DCEU a thing praying that the blu-ray edition has all of his scenes on it and he gets the screen time he deserves in future movies!

  6. It was a good movie not great just good would of been better with more joker in it since the damn movie is about the BAD GUYS !! and whos the face of bad guys in the DC universe it's obviously joker

  7. Awwe, so disappointed with hearing that so much of the newest joker was cut from this movie.. I was excited to see how leto played the joker, and couldnt wait for this movie to release.. But now thats out, and hearing they did this, ill most likely just wait until Suicide Squad releases at home.. I no longer feel the need to spend money on this movie.. Sadface..

  8. He was a pretty scary joker that i actually liked. His scenes pop up out of nowhere though but I loved how he had this batman animated joker vibe to him despite the way he looks

  9. i hope someone can write a movie for the joker only one day, the guy has really good dark past that needs to be covered…..

    you know , start off by a glimpse of him working for chemical factory and how he was literally struggling through his life , wanted to get better life for his baby and wife and how he was literally tricked by the mafia and framed…..

    come on DC

  10. I'm convinced WB is the problem now and not DC. Not saying the movie would have been amazing in it's original form but those damn WB suits certainly didn't help.

  11. I feel like critics blow everything out of proportion and subconsciously tell people what to like and dislike. Everyone is so brainwashed these days, no one can think for themselves past the vast majority. Sheep marching off of a cliff.

  12. The comments about him dying are pretty distasteful given what happened to Heath Leger. WB would have been smarter not to hire this whiny, artsy weirdo. His performance was definitely questionable.

  13. I think the most important factor in Leto's joker is that he has barely gotten any screen time. Whether you think he's good or bad, it can't be truly judged until he is given a more prominent role in a movie. I personally think that he did good with what he had, and I'm almost positive that if all of his scenes for implemented. I would've been greatly impressed. It seemed likely to me that most of his scenes were cut as there was no other explanation for why his part in the story seemed so short and confusing. Much like BvS, this was ruined by executives interfering in the process of releasing this. I still have a lot of faith in Leto's joker should he ever return, he is too good of an actor to completely bomb a role that many other method actors have succeeded greatly in. And to add something else, I don't believe he should really be compared to Ledger or Nicholson. All three are their own joker, no where near comparison to each other. I just feel like executives really ruined Jared's work in this film, and it makes me disappointed, since the joker was the biggest reason I went to see this.

  14. The Jokers plane crashed and he died only to be ressurected again. He is the Immortal New52 Endgame Joker. He is an Old entity and he can only appear and reapear. Batman can not kill this villain and he can not get rid of him. He will always be there to make fun of his crime fighting.

  15. I think he did solid as the joker just need more of him some scenes were eh and some were a lot better I blame the writer and director for those eh scenes BC he's a great actor and I hope to see him in future installments.

  16. Jared has alot of respect for this character and put alot of effort into that role and seeing that they used that character he respects so much used to attract people must be really annoying i get that his pissed i would be to. I hope we can get more joker in future dc films

  17. he needs his own movie.. that was best joker I've seen personally I just liked his style…. he seemed pissed off, he should be.. he was too good for that little bit of screen time.

  18. It really is a shame that WB cut a lot of Joker scenes(if I was Jared Leto I wouldn't want to play The Joker on the next DC movies,I would have told them that if they want me to play on their movies than they should add all of the Joker scenes they do,not to cut most of them)but I really think that for this movie really need to do an Ultimate Edition(like they did with Batman vs Superman)because they really need to add all of The Joker scenes the were filming and others scenes(I'm sure that they have cut more scenes of the other characters).This film is just like Batman Vs Superman when I saw it on theaters than I saw Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition and I was more happy than I was when I saw the movie on theaters.


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