Jenn Goes To Bangkok


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♦ O U T F I T I N F O ♦

→ Red eyelash lace dress:
→ Hat:
→ Fringe clutch:
→ Nude pumps:

→ Pastel maxi dress: A subscriber from Singapore! Thank you! (:
→ Sunglasses:
→ Hat:
→ Sandals:

→ Plaid dress:
→ Tibetan bracelets:
→ Ring:
→ Forest cuff:
→ Harness necklace:

→ White blouse:
→ Skort:
→ Beret: Vintage
→ Boots:
→ Fringe clutch:

→ Sequin Coca Cola top:
→ Skort:
→ Platforms:

→ Gold sunglasses:
→ White tank:
→ Fishnet shorts:

→ Kok tee:
→ Ring:
→ Floral maxi:
→ Boots:
→ Newsboy cap:

♦ P E O P L E ♦

→ Stephanie:
→ Melody:
→ Amanda:
→ Johnny:
→ Nellie:
→ Willabelle:
→ Laureen:
→ Kim:
→ Chloe:
→ Ashley:
→ Nana:
→ David:
→ Jessica:
→ Belle:
→ Olivia:

♦ M U S I C ♦
→ KOSMO KAT | Love Transition:
→ Jengi Beats | Hot Chocolate Milk:
→ Edo Lee | Black Coffee:
→ DJ Grumble | It Be’s That Way:
→ NΣΣT | Sakura:
→ Rage Logic | Grind:
→ Harris Cole | Mistakes/Regret/Forgiveness (w/ IanEwing):
→ Jengi Beats | Boschje:
→ U.HU.RU | Dimensia:

FTC: I was invited to Bangkok by Digital Fashion Week to document the event and showcase my personal style!


  1. You should explore somewhere out of Thailand like Chiangmai or Hua Hin. They're great or even Phuket. There's many other places in Thailand that are tourist friendly and great ☺️ I'm proud to be Thai.

  2. Oh wow, my mom got me a pair of muay thai boxing shorts when I was a lil kid…I never wore them.😂 I like shopping at Platinum, Chatuchak Weekend market, and Terminal 21, I always see so many tourists and foreigners(lol I'm a thai foreigner, so idek what I mean by that)

  3. If you guys are in Bkk, I would like to recommend you guys to visit Escape Hunt. The detective game, that you will be lock up in the room for 1 hour and you have to solve all mysteries and escape. Check out on TripAdvisor!

  4. I spot Ashley and Nana both who are Malaysian bloggers. Btw, I love your Bang Bang outfit, I wish I can wear like that in Malaysia but the weather here is so hot I just wear shirt and shorts. Nice video as always. Thumbs up!

  5. There is also an interesting place in Bangkok the ultimate escape live game where you can a role-play being a famous detective and your mission is solve the mysteries in order to escape from the room.

  6. Jenn, its been 18 months since this vid was uploaded – time for you to hit the road with soothingsista again and visit your many fans in SE Asia ! I'd suggest Oz too, but its Winter in all but one capital city at the moment, and the East Coast is cleaning up after massive storms – hold off for 4 or 5 months and Sydney will turn on great weather for a harbor cruise / shoot. Look forward to hearing from you.

  7. It looks nice trip! I go there soon, but I am a little worry about it because I go there with my mom… 🙂 I wish I will have satisfactory trip there, too.


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