Jimin Park “April Fools (0401)” M/V


Jimin Park “April Fools (0401)” M/V

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  1. I couldn't watch that mv when it was released (i was a minor) and then all of sudden today i wanted to listen to this song so i clicked the the video but i was like "oh yeah i can't watch it" until it started playing and i was "Oh yes I AM LEGAL NOW I CAN WATCH IT" so yeah it's my first time watching this

  2. 꽈뚜룹보고 와쏘호 노래 넘나 잘들었어요 영상도 아주 좋았고요 다음 노래도 기대할게요 응원해요

  3. I really wanna be a fans of her. LOVE her music and everything about her personality she is soo kind and funny can someone tell me where I can watch more video of her and her Instagram and stuff like that because A BITCH NEED TO START SOMEWHERE 👏🏾🤣 thank you and did she make more than 2 song I can’t get over her voice ❤️😊

  4. hyuna: /kills a man in 365 fresh/

    youtube: …

    red velvet: /makes a cult and sacrifices a pizza man/

    youtube: …

    jimin: /kills her ex/

    youtube: ?? this is graphic !!

  5. JYP are really neglecting many talented artists that you have.

    A clear example is she has pure talent, but you do not know how to give due importance, which is really sad


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