Joe Rogan Experience #1007 – Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura


Joe is joined by Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura to discuss a new challenge.


  1. I heard a story from Bobby Lee about how gay Ari was to him over a lady and since them I think he’s the most annoying faggot in the world who seems like he would be such a girl if he ever didn’t get his way

  2. yeah, long boarding is a fine little hobby, but the injuries man…you're 100% better off doing yoga instead, I fell of my longboard going down hill with backwind and fell on my left shoulder and after couldn't do yoga, neither gym for well over a month. It's not a good hobby tbh…the only thing about it is the adrenaline and the "cool" look, but it's lame and sucks ass. Get a bike or a motorcycle or a car or electric bike, a scooter, an electric longboard perhaps..but just those small wheels and a board powered either by your foot or a hill…is lame for people who cant effort other forms of excitement.

  3. The common people's votes do not matter one bit. The only votes that matter are the electoral college. So it's elites voting for their fellow elites.

  4. Holy fuck I've never thought joe or Tom were assholes but my god they tore into Bert all episode not even letting him answer serious questions just interrupting him and shitting on him. Ari too

  5. Ari is the miserable friend that everyone has or has had; the one who projects his insecurity and miserable existence on everyone around him and wraps it in some non existent way of expressing his thoughts.
    He is here talking about workouts and marathons and physical fitness as if he has a semblance of experience. Just because he is skinny…..GTFO

  6. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems to me the only time Ari even contributed to this podcast is when he wanted to make fun of Bert for drinking.

  7. Tom "When that song comes on I wanna be in a truck* *I wanna kill somebody"

    So I went and listened to Country folk can survive. Makes me wanna play Rust. Find me a verse in that song that I can't imagine being a scene in rust.

    "he was killed by a man with a switch blade knife, for 43 dollars he lost his life" I've chopped ppl up for a lot less than 43 scrap

  8. JOE, JUST HAVE JAIME SHOW WHAT U GUYS R LOOKING AT, UR KILLING US NOW! Technically, this should be a simple feat for u n him to accomplish. U r annoying ur fans when we cant c the clips u r watching!! Get ur shit together bro

  9. I fucked my knee and wrist up last December longboarding. Tried to slow down on a corckscrew hill roght before an intersection and just fucked myself up. Took me 45 minutes to get home a quarter miles away cause i couldn't walk on my leg.

  10. Does anyone remember laughter . Thanks to Joe rogan, Tom , Ari and Burt . Also thank you Jamie for being on point and making the show run smooth .

  11. Bert really comes off as a bit of a hack, everywhere he goes he just removes his shirt and tells the machine story?! A story that's probably about 25 % true.

  12. Wish I could post a pic, my roadrash after bombing a hill was so much worse than anything bert did to himself. Road rash down into the muscle. ER thought I crashed a motorcycle, but nope..I crashed on a cheap ass Walmart board. If it was on my board, I would've been fine..maybe.


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