Joe Rogan Experience #1125 – Candace Owens


Candace Owens is the communication director for Turning Point USA, which is an American conservative nonprofit organization whose stated mission is “to educate students about true free market values.”


  1. In the 60's with a third of the current population, there were 500,000 people in government mental health institutions. Today, 25,000. Thanks ACLU. Add violent video games all day and there you go.

  2. See for a remarkable, stimulating discussion between Bjorn Lomorg and Jordan Peterson on the subject of climate change [note: it's pretty long, over an hour and a half]. Somewhere in there, all the points Joe Rogan raises are dealt with, along with a whole bunch of stuff Rogan obviously hasn't heard of or thought about.

  3. You guys definitely have a very valid point about women getting older with no kids/no man…..think about women with Long hair beyond a certain age….. All 3 of those tendencies generally mean you're going to be dealing with some pretty twisted outlooks.

  4. Dave's cool & sharp about most things, sees them for what they are, but My God he surprised me on how he missed the boat on seeing through Jay Z, Beyonce, as well as so many of the other black celebrities/ athletes. Granted some are ignorant, but sadly an awful lot know exactly what their doing & it's 100% calculated.

  5. I've seen quite a few of Dave's interviews & I appreciated his well rounded knowledge. His political naivete completely blows my mind. There's so much that a much younger Candace gets easily & completely that Dave's astonished about. Wow!

  6. I loved this up until the global warming thing. Candace clearly states her opinion, she doesn't need to be a scientist to have an opinion and she has reason to be skeptical. He got a little rude

  7. 97 or whatever X% of the handpicked &or paid Scientists say a certain government endorsed opinion that's been fed to Rogin to indoctrinate him. My Dad(who gave me every reason to trust & respect his very educated opinions throughout my life)had a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, from the time I was old enough to understand, he always said the government would use ecology/environmentalism etc to manipulate, control,tax Americans through indoctrination & propaganda. The more the Left influenced things the more of this we'd see. I remember him mentioning this since the early 70s when I joined the ecology club in Jr. High,& things have followed like a written script. I'm 100% with Candace, getting out of the Paris Agreement is just 1 of the many Fantastic things DJT'S accomplished!

  8. I just love listening to Candace Owens, such an influential & composed woman. The dynamic w/ Joe Rogan on this episode was very natural & engaging, initially, but Joe Rogan becomes combative because he believes he is more versed on particular topics, such as climate change. Does he even know who funded the studies that he googled, in regards to humans having a direct impact on climate change? What their motivation was for funding & what they hope to gain? He's just taking those studies at face value, simply because 10,000 scientists endorsed it? There are also scientists who oppose human impact on climate change but those statistics are not widely publicized. He seemed to be almost "schooling" Candace on climate change, trying to dissuade her from stating her opinion that she doesn't believe in global warming, because she has a large following that can be influenced. He behaves as if he is receiving sponsorship for promoting climate change.I can see why Joe Rogan is not among the YouTubers who have been demonetized, he's not a threat to the status quo.

  9. I mean just saying it like I see it but I believe Joe and Candice are feeling each other a bit. Just a bit. Like they wouldn’t mind hitting it off if.

  10. Joe's ability to be polite to someone he knows is a fucking idiot is amazing to me. You can see points where he really wants to go off and holds back. The fact that she went full retard and he actually said she needed to admit she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about shows how dumb she is.

  11. I disagree with the idea that women who don't have children are unhappy only because they don't have children. There are plenty of women who are never able to get pregnant for lots of reasons. Infertility is a problem many people face and can be heartbreaking to go through. That doesn't meant they can't still have a meaningful and fulfilled life! The women tou are talking about have much deeper problems than not having children. It's because they've bought into the lies of others, because they keep trying to find meaning and fulfillment in things that never last.
    – For the record, I am a conservative Christian. My husband and I have tried for several years to have a family, and for whatever reason, God has not granted that request. I have listened to a lot of what Candis says, and appreciate the role model she is, not only for the black community, but for all. But speaking publically and carelessly of things like childlessness should be given more weight and consideration

  12. Dumb people care about her habit of speaking and not about her ideas. I know it is an annoying habit but you should disregard that. She's a human being after all, with habits.

  13. She knows absolutely nothing about Philadelphia, if she doesn't see white people.
    There's not an area of Philadelphia, North Philly included, that I haven't seen white people in… I guess she thinks talking without thinking is being real or genuine…..
    She's full of ego, misinformation, and unwillingness to learn…even though she spoke about learning… quite the young hypocrite……. With Role Models like Charlie Kirk and Trump, it figures. Listening to her is making me tired of writing… I'm done… I hope she really does like learning, because she's "like" got a lot of it to do…..

  14. Pandering pos,giving your opinion on black people. Sycophantic approach to let someone say shit so fucking ignorant and agree and then say she's smart. You think she's smart because she talks fast and immediately can remember her lines. I will absolutely discourage anyone from watching this shit.

  15. You shit on science and you are using science to conduct every second of this shit show. I observe some celebs without kids don't like trump, so I have conclude….GTFOH with you grinding in you feet and hanging on to the bumper to impede progress and life

  16. Joe… The planet rotates on a secondary time tabled axis that draws closer and further from the sun every 120 -150 year period. This secondary wobble on the earths traditional axis has been documented for a long time. This is what causes long durational periods of enhanced cold and hot periods of the earths climate! In places like Montana, they have set all time "COLD" temperature readings multiple times over the last decade and this is one of many states with the same documented outcome. If you look at the data from the Scientists involved in the Global Warming Community, their data shows that every state in the country would be hitting all time high temperature readings for every season of the year multiple times each year. And these just aren't the facts!! Scientists are now starting to notice these long durational periods of hot to cold climate threw the study of living and dead organisms in soil layers as well as many other factors!! This is why you only see Far Politically LEFT Leaning scientist being funded by Democratic political organizations either directly or indirectly and these study's are almost always used for Democratic political campaign or fundraising! This is why NON-Democratic personnel have studied this topic in-depth and have come to the conclusion it is unfounded and just another tool of the Liberal/Democratic propaganda machine!!! I'm a big Fan of Joe's but I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the way you jump to defend something that you only know one over inflated side of and do so while attacking Miss Owens character. Joe's good buddy Neil Tyson was caught RED HANDED in the forgery and lies of his Global Warming studies that people donated millions to have the work done on. Global Warming is the new starving children crisis for liberal fund raisers, a way to make money more then a genuine concern for the planets future! Love you Joe, Keep up the great job and keep making awesome content bro!!!

  17. You know what? I think that she makes a lot of sense what she says about economics in the Black Communities of the USA but I believe she is actually being used just like she accuses the democrats of using black people. She is also not as smart as she thinks she is. The fact that you can be articulate, speak fast and talk about things that truly intelligent people talk about does not mean that you are smart.

  18. Joe Rogan it is your opinion in believing in global warming only!!!! People are making tons of money on global warming!!! IT IS WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! Fake studies☺☺☺☺☺☺☺lol

  19. Really glad Joe dug deeper into the Climate Change discussion with her, her opinion there was so poor. I like Candice but I never understood how the right just doesnt believe in it. Im a pretty konservative person but damn, denying climate change is delusional.

  20. I like candice and agree on many topics, but she contradicts herself a couple of times. She complains about celebrities speaking out their political opinion, but is fine with Kanye doing it. Kanye and Jay-Z are not much different there. Then she uses scineces when it serves her opinions and calls it not realiable when it doesnt. I dont like when people seek to prove their opinion instead of seeking out the truth, most of the time they are not even aware of it.

  21. Weirdo self hatred bitch:
    A lot of people don’t drink”

    Joe: like who?

    Weirdo self hatred bitch: TRump…Trump Jr….& ah, ah, Kim Kardashian

    I’m officially drinking every day.

  22. Sadly I dont think we will get to see her in a centerfold….Ambien is scary, woke up with red liquid all over my chest, roommate said i microwaved meatloaf and laid down, squirted ketchup on my chest and ate it and passed out. Had no recollection, thought I killed someone

  23. Great podcast dude… Always enjoy hearing from both sides of the coin when it comes to politics in America and I'm always finding myself siding with the right, I couldn't possibly live as a victim and listen to the bullshit the left goes on about. they have absolutely no policies I could get behind and be confident that the democrats will keep my best interests at heart as a white male with so called privelidge who is conservative.
    I guess they would call me a nazi and have diluted that term sooo much it means almost nothing

  24. She talks about not judging those kids that did racist things to her as racists, but jay z is a globalist traitor to black people because she "just knows"….

  25. She irritates me she says we need to get back to church and then says it’s bad lol when she needs to realize that we need to get to God not to the church trust the Word it states things when you read it you can understand it specially when you pray before you read and grow but to need church Is one thing but needing God is another. God is perfect man women is not. And if more Christians would actually read the Bible outside of church you will know if your church follows the Word. all these people think the gov can fix everything when the gov is suppose to reflect the people. And if that’s true it really explains our problems.

  26. Think bout this why do we need a tax to fix climate change lol ridiculous a bunch of things you could set forth but why a tax. Lol joe says he believes in it but is dumbfounded lol when he asks why do you believe? Like ask yourself that and there’s so much money made by doing all these foundations so to say there’s no money to Be made by these lies lol. And he is so upset like don’t say it unless you have an opinion and I don’t have an opinion but he is pressing super hard to convince her lol dude trips me out sometimes

  27. Lol I like her man she stood her ground when joe was pushing his ass off lol dang joe for something you don’t have an opinion and don’t know nothing he sure spent a good while trying to convince her

  28. Love u girl! Might i suggest working on limiting your like usage. Distracts from your articulation. Great show JR! We are morally not as well off as our parents and are not heading towards a better society on the path we are on. We are even more morally corrupt and superficial than any of our predecessors.
    Exactly.. who are they polling. 10k of all the scientists do not make it unanimous in the science community. Albeit a big sample. $ does affect science this is why we have FDA and other quality control safeguards. Its very political. Theyve been projecting end of the world climate issues since the early 1800s. And they use subjective science to justify abortion. Its all politically influenced mate as long as there are only 2 sides to an issue. The government got involved with marriage to prevent primarily blacks and whites from coupling.

  29. Wow this woman is so dumb it's mind boggling. And she presents herself like some kinda self-confident great thinker of our time. She tries to be edgy and fast-talking like Shapiro but she fails sooo horribly. Shapiro does his research and usually makes good points even though I don't always agree with them. But this phony's arguments collapse the moment somebody (like Joe) challenges them. And this fraud has a large fanbase? Omg. I'm baffled.


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