Joe Rogan Experience #1144 – Doug Stanhope


Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, writer, and TV host, also currently hosting his own podcast, The Doug Stanhope Podcast. His book This Is Not Fame: A “From What I Re-Memoir” is available on Amazon.


  1. 250 hours means you can get paid for flying. So flight instructing, aerial photography and surveying, pipeline patrol. 1500 hours is for the bottom of the barrel airline job. Which doesnt sound like much but an average month for a busy pilot is 60-80 hours.

  2. Hmmm.. After reading all these comments I realized I would LOVE to knock the teeth out of 90% of you people. So judgemental.. Who the fuck are you.. Bet $10000 you are a loser.

  3. I just love these two people. Make me laugh, make me think, validate my existence in many ways. There are like minded people in this world full of cunts and morons after all. We need someone like you over here (UK) but there are so many fuckwits here no one would get it.

  4. The canadian government did the same to native children too, and put them in what they called residential schools. The last residential school closed in 1996! Since then, PM’s have paid a lot of lip service on this dark stain on our history, but not a hell of a lot has been done about it. Broken promises; not so dissimilar to the ones that were used to steal the land and force the native peoples onto barren plots of land, dubbed reservations, then even those were stolen whenever the government knew or suspected there was oil, or riches to be gained. Anyway, I could go on, but I won’t. If interested, or feel the need to argue, please check out any history of natives on canadian soil, or residential schools in Canada. Not here to bash Canada. It’s my home, and, ironically, even as our anthem claims, native land. That is all.

  5. Lets all make bets on how long Dougy has left. I bet 5 years absolute max.
    For all you nuthuggers who are gonna fucking bitch about insensitve this comment, yall need to read his book(s) and understand his look on death isnt as grim as yours.

  6. Joe your shocked by aberigini children kidnapped by Australian state to kill there culture???? Wait till you find out about Canada!!!(we’re now paying reparations for the cultural genocide orchestrated in residential schools till the 60s)

  7. I miss the days of php msg boards, belonged to a underground website who programmed admin tools and coded the boards for others so we kinda sorta had all the exploits and we tool over jennifer love Hewitt fan page and posted dick pics like ever week. She had it shut down eventually, we moved on to others lol we was assholes

  8. Lived in a town of 3,000 people for 5 years growing up. Loved the town while I was there, hated it when I left. You see how small minded everyone is.

  9. My big city just got a comedy club…Stand Up Live in Huntsville, Alabama. Doug, youd be loved there im sure altough i havent heard new shit but your old shit would kill!!!! Im pretty sure your old material is killin everywhere these days🤘. Aheadofthetimes#

  10. Carlin was an excellent comedian but not someone we should take seriously. The prison thing's just one example. What people are worried about (and rightfully so) is that an escapee would use their house as a place to hide and of course kill them if they became a witness. They'd probably try to at least steal their car, that kind of thing.

  11. They dont ever say anything about the parents that get arrested and loose there kids here in America but when it comes to migrants they care. Man money really does separate you from reality. I can't believe Doug saying that trump supporters are nazis it's just unbelievable i can't believe hes believing mainstream media.

  12. I whana say everyone should own a gun but it seems like in America the main suicide is by gun an pretty often suicide by cop idk the numbers but somwheir right now kind of thing is bad but my thing is why the hell am I as a 18 year old allowed too by a riffle for a assualt on someone but I can't buy a pistol an get licensed btw I know a tone of 18 year old kids that can easily just buy an assult rifle I mean you go in buy it they make a quick breif as hell background check then you can do anything with it go buy a tone of ammo yet we can't have a little .38 too kill the bad guy I mean in my mind im terrified of defending a public place againt the harmful guy but then im also a shooter so what now laws coming for me I think I whana say we should do old west small guns open carry holsters but I'd rather tuck it although that's uncomfortable an I love weed I don't whana get pulled over with 2 grams of dabs an a revolver that's suposidly a felony in Ohio so idk I just wish I could have a gun for if I hear shots it could be over all it takes too take down bad guys is 1 good guy at the same time tho depends on the situation like if you don't know exactly what's happening get out of the area or PRotect loved ones as much as you can dying is just returning too somthing it's not really scary although noone really knows I haven't used dmt or anything just small bits of shrooms an lsd I I hope those 3 get legalized in my lifetime cause their way different from speed an all those nose drugs Molly n shit I mostly whant mushrooms legalized over lsd id say I haven't gone very far with either but I perfered the shrooms feeling it felt genuinely fantastic but when lsd starts its really funny but I like eating an 8th im small ammouts over a few days an it makes weed more fun an keeps weed fun stick too weed an phycedelics alcohol maybe a reward

  13. I watched Doug's show in Chattanooga, he gave us "in code" where he'd be drinking after. Greeted us there like we were his brothers (of course he drank for free). The most honest man about himself and reality I have ever met. 40 of us at a bar trading topics and he was one of the guys. And, all things considered, that was all he wanted. Love you Doug, and you are still funny, wake your ass up out of your funk and be a man.

  14. +PowerfullJRE – When are we going to celebrate Joe Rogan's continued podcast success? I mean, we all understand what is going on right? a 5ftSomething, Bald, Meat eater, red neck-ish, Heavy-bag-bending WHITE male is beating the dogshit out of every TV media corporation in the god damn world. The fucking numbers this show is pulling every single motherfucking episode, consistently, considering the type of content it put out, is literally unbelievable.

    My point is, when is Joe going to get his fucking 50ft statue in the middle of a fucking town square somewhere?

  15. Rules are rules Mr Rogan. You can't put your personal opinion into laws and regulations. I mean you can but it makes you pretty ignorant. if the law says one thing and they do what the law says that is that if you don't like it go get the law changed because obviously the majority did like it which is all that matters. We are a team of humans and obviously we decided together that that was right.

  16. These two are like the polar opposites of each other lol Doug is all about doing whatever you want to your body and the world is a shit hole for people's garbage and joe is all about health and fitness,your body's a temple the world is beautiful and yet both are my heroes..I don't know what that says about me but they both have a great mind I can relate to,I think both are right and it's Ying and yang,you just can't have one without the other no matter how hard you try and you'll never stop trying hahaha it's beautiful when you think about it even if it's frustrating…for every loving person is someone learning to hate's just the way it is

  17. A broker isn't necessarily an economist. Joe misclassified Peter Schiff. He's a libertarian broker, he's not worried about the entire economy. He's just worried about the parts he's making money on.

  18. I did Mr. Stanhope's DirecTV install back in ~2007? I laughed out loud when I got the workorder cuz I assumed it was just some random in Bisbee with the same name… imagine my surprise when HE actually answered the door, lol. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, he turned out to be one of the coolest dudes. Sorry to hear he's since gotten burnt out on hanging with us peasants, but I can't say I blame him, lol.


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