Joe Rogan Experience #1195 – Christina P


Christina P is a stand-up comedian and hosts a podcast with her husband, Tom Segura, called “Your Mom’s House.” She’s also on the new Netflix Original Stand Up series “The Degenerates” streaming now.


  1. I've always believed that the reason it was ok for Robert to do black face was to point a big red arrow at Hollywood's tendency to white wash characters. You get all these characters that should be played by people of that ethnicity getting swapped out for a white person. And this parody shows how stupid it really looks to the audience.

  2. vegans shouldn't be allowed to return to a "normal" diet because they are so militant,
    Rogan w/ his chrome dome will get mistaken for Kelly Slater from a distance while surfing

  3. 1:11:28 Jamie is great but sometimes he is so fucking useless at showing us shit…. fuuuucking frustrating, it;s like IT WAS RIGHT THERE, WE WERE SEEING IT, AND THEN IT;S GONE!, COME OOOOON!

  4. Just bc you were molested or raped doesn’t mean you’re not sexually liberated tho. A lot of victims do pornography because it puts power into their hands, people outside of the legitimate, professional porn industry don’t understand the crazy amount of discussion and preparation that go into a scene and how safe words and do’s and don’t’s are established. There’s something extremely liberating about exploring your sexual side in a safe, consensual environment that you always have control over the entire time with people who are usually very friendly or professional offset. I’m not a porn star, I’ve done webcam work and clips but that’s about it and not for a little while now, but I’ve been sponsored talent at the AVN/AEE (adult video awards & expo) convention/awards show in Vegas every year since moving here in 2015, met hundreds of pornstars and other industry professionals and this is honestly a very common topic and is what a few of the lovely ladies I felt comfy enough with to ask had to say. I was a victim of abuse as a child and a few times in adulthood and despite not being in porn I am very into really rough sex and pushing all kinds of my own limits. It is empowering and healing in a way to be able to have sex in a way that I love and have the power to control if it needs to slow down or if I need it to stop and to be able to trust someone to listen to me and not go too far, this person being my husband. I feel liberated by not letting the terrible men and terrible situations of my past have any power over any aspect of my life or my ability to trust or have whatever kind of sex i want to have. Taking power back over your own body and sexuality is about as sexually liberating as it gets in my opinion, so while it seems like a bad/sad thing that so many abuse victims are in the industry, working with a reputable and legitimate porn studio may be her way of taking back her power and liberating herself which is a wonderful thing almost all of the time. Of course there’s shady shit and dirty studios and girls that are coerced or have low self esteem or need money so bad they’ll do anything but that’s a given in any entertainment industry and is the exception, not the rule. Women are just as filthy, dirty, and horny as men when it comes to consensual sex, it’s sad it still is so surprising for some to hear lol

  5. This is such a good podcast. It is all over the place and it never is stale. Tina is a good example of a female comedian who isn't all about vagina and sex. She is a good balance of one of the guys and a cool girl.

  6. Dude.. this got confusing really quick like. I felt like a mf 3rd wheel. You know when your listening to 2 people tell an inside joke and cracking up and your there just like with this cheezy as grin spattered across your face, and giggling like a schoolgirl but not knowing why or about what? That what watching this podcast was like. Sorry Joe.

  7. Luv how most comments are sexual in nature. Thanks for the intellectual exchange. The Vatican is rife with homosexual parties & the persecution of children, all in the name of god. It's so stupid to repress the natural desire to take care of your cock.

  8. What the fuck, Joe rode on elephants? That destroys their spine, those are the fake elephant sanctuaries of Thailand. Tons of them out there, unfortunately. You are absolutely not supposed to ride elephants smh

  9. I left this on while I was sleeping and I thought joe was getting sick cause In the dream we were taking care of a lynx and he was calling it a hummingbird and saying praying mantises can fuck em up. 😂😂😂


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