Joe Rogan on Conor McGregor Becoming 2-Division Champ at UFC 205


This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #871 with Brendan Schaub (, also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (


  1. This is the Conor I wanted to see in the khabib fight. Really upsetting he was very slow and his timing was of if a rematch happens he needs to work a lot more

  2. I bet no one predicted Conor’s next two fights would be mayweather next then khabib in ww3. The future is crazy man, wonder I what will have happened in 3 years, “yoo aliens will do nuttin”

  3. if Conor would have never fought Flloyd Mayweather, we'd all be looking a a much different Conor and a much different UFC. I feel Conor should have never fought Floyd. I'm sure Conor's bank account begs to differ though.

  4. 2013: The come up
    2014: a staple after injury
    2015: the best striker in the world making the featherweight divisions his
    2016: Huge loss, came back and became the double champ
    2017: Made close to 100mill yet loss to Floyd
    2018: Civil cases, proper 12, and getting smashed by khabib.

  5. He was never a 2-division champion. He was merely a 2 belt winner. Champ is someone, who defends his belt. Conor never defended his any belt, let alone 2 belts. DC won 2 belts and defended both of them. DC is the real 2 division champ.

  6. Why didnt this Conor show up to the Khabib fight. I really want to see him fight Khabib again because he looked off after that long MMA lay-off.

  7. Well, i think lots of haters gonna come up, but i think this Connor would have made waaaaay better fight for Khabib, not saying he would win but it would be close fight. I love Khabib as a fighter, he is good, but guys, lets be real, Conor was his shade that fight

  8. Schaub:- no shot conor fights khabib or tony next, they won’t bring in any number close to nate
    NEXT FIGHT- CONOR VS KHABIB 2.5 mil ppv buys, breaking the record by almost A MILLION. Schaub is good at being wrong, and at getting the ufc to take down illegal streaming. DICK.

  9. him fighting diaz was def a blessing in disguise so he could learn a lot about himself but him jumping up to 170 what like 10 days befoe the fight was a huge factor. missing weight by a pound or two is such a big deal in fighting they take it so serious…with that said imagine fighting at 145 for ufc career then train for 155 then all of a sudden u got to fight at 170 basically what he walks around at. until u do it you have no idea what your'e gonna feel like carrying 25 extra lbs especially his cardio. you have to have experience at that weight to know how you feel and how to perform carrying all that extra weight. just ask kevin lee about his debut.

  10. Just a warning that this is 13 mins and 44 seconds of Joe and some gay dude sucking mcgregors balls. Yes ladies and gentlemen, youtube has started to allow porn videos

  11. I wish THIS Conor would have turned up to the Khabib fight. But I also wish THAT Aldo turned up to the Conor fight….. and THAT Chad Mendes.. and THAT Dustin Poirier oh oh and THAT Max Holloway… man I suuuuure do like to wish for a LOTTTA shiiiiiieeet

  12. Conor will be back. Guaranteed. This time he needs to take a tune up fight or 2 before going after Khabib. Maybe Porrier again as he has come a long way and is a much better fighter. Then there has to be a Diaz 3. There just has to. Then if wins them both he will be ready for Khabib. We have not seen the last of Conor mark my words and he is still the biggest name and biggest draw in UFC. Weather u like him or not.

  13. Brendan was pretty close “I don’t think he fights for a long time” (2 year layoff) and “the next fight has to set him for life” (Mayweather)

  14. Look at the difference from this fight and even the Eddie Alveraz fight vs his most recent fight with Khabib. From UFC 205 earlier, Mcgregor's fighting style is much more composed and controlled even despite him gassing out in the later rounds he is much more fluid and precise. This is the Connor I miss.


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