“Joker” Adds Alec Baldwin as Batman’s Daddy – SJU


Hosted by Roth Cornet, Joe Starr, and Dan Murrell
Featuring Roxy Stiar

Produced by Billy Business
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

“Joker” Adds Alec Baldwin as Batman’s Daddy – SJU

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  1. It seems this ride was designed by gamers and not ride designers. It doesn't seem to make for good traffic flow and requires a skill that beyond the "just shoot at stuff" that most people want and can do.

  2. The Star Wars ride : they should have set parties. Party of one and two get like smaller star ships and big ones like 6 would get larger ships . I’m imagining like a whole bunch of people taking place in a space battle .

  3. More and more convinced that this was not a Joker movie at the beggining, but they saw an opportunity to make bucks by doing this, by adding a "comicbook skin" (they can have the mainstream public and be appealing for awards). And they can get away to not use/change the lore cause it's "elseworld".

  4. The idea behind the Star Wars Westworld-style theme park is truly brilliant. It's amazing to imagine becoming a different character and experiencing a different narrative every time you visit the park. Disney's mistake was determining each visitor's experience based on their competence at the Millennium Falcon ride, instead of allowing guests to choose the character they want to play for the day. By eliminating choice from the equation, guests can easily get saddled with unpleasant roles that follow them around for the entire day. It sounds horrid and incredibly frustrating. Guests shouldn't be "punished" with a bad experience just because they made a few mistakes or had bad luck on the Millennium Falcon ride.

    I've read the patent for Disney's Emergent Narrative Construction System and it's truly awe-inspiring. It's the future of entertainment. But if they are going to proceed with that system, they need to ensure all the possible emergent narratives are good ones. Or else they need to allow guests to choose the fundamental aspects of their character so the park experience suits their personality perfectly. Instead of forcing people to wait in line for 3 hours to build their character, visitors could even build their characters ahead of time through an app (and their could be preset options for people who aren't interested or unable to plan things out ahead of time). Think about how much fun Joe Starr would have at the park if he could literally become his Star Wars RPG character, Eren Val, for the day. Imagine if visitors could upload their The Old Republic MMORPG characters and become them for the day. That sounds way more fun than getting forced into the role of an incompetent pilot just because the random strangers in your group of 6 had no idea what they were doing.

  5. Why don’t they make that Star Wars ride like the ride in Epcot where it doesn’t actually matter if the button is hit or it isn’t. But if you choose to play along you can hit the button and do your part of the mission. My first time on that ride everyone in my crew bailed out right before going in so I ended up doing it alone and it still worked. It was still fine.

  6. Read the tweet to a contemporary of the person who tweeted it. Thirds time ut was the rock and John cena: two pro wrestlers who went into movies, next time it'll be two different people that I can't think of right now.

  7. I know they are incapable of making a good movie, so I hope it is a trainwreck, because those are funnier and more interesting than a middle of the road mediocre movie.

  8. No one is an expert on who Thomas Wayne is. At best, we've seen the unreliable image as seen by an unstable 8 year old Bruce Wayne. I'm not sure if anything will be good or bad, what actors will fit or not. But people should calm down and stop acting as if they know of some definitive version of everything Thomas Wayne.

  9. Having been the less than adept player n a multiplayer space war game (in my first outing I crashed and in my 2nd outing I downed a team member), I wonder when this game was developed the fact that "the team" would likely include some who were strangers to one another along with differing skill levels never occurred to the developers. Really Disney!

  10. Anybody who has played a team based video game should know that trying to get random strangers to play classes is next to impossible. Making that concept into a ride at Disneyland sounds like a nightmare.

  11. Keep the tweet segment going and No Don't Always read to the Rock. Also the Joker movie isn't as half-baked as you're making it seem. Its a standalone Joker movie. Nothing more, nothing less.

  12. I'm getting the feeling that this Batman will be really political & dark and I'm hype for it. It may be an absolute trainwreck but hey, at least it'll be funny and weird.

  13. That Alien Invasion ride that Joe talked about, is one of my most distinct memories from going to Disney as a kid!

    My mom and I had a great time on it, we laughed at everything that was happening. My younger brother, however, had the worst experience. He had a full on panic attack and was covered in snot and tears by the end of the ride. We had to wait until everyone else left the ride before we could get him to calm down enough to let us touch him and walk him out. For years after that, any time we went to an amusement park and got close to any structure that even remotely resembled the shape of the ride, my brother would get PTSD and refuse to go anywhere near it. It didn't matter if we were in a different park or state, if it looked like the building that that ride was in, he would lose his shit.

    I thought it was a pretty cool experience, but obviously, I never got to go on it again.

  14. Millennium Falcon ride with strangers sounds very similar to doing an escape room with strangers. Sometimes it’s freakin awesome and you meet cool people, other times… not great. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  15. Parents with kids are what is missing from the discussion about the Millennium Falcon ride. If an interactive ride is a bad/miserable experience for kids that is dependant upon both strangers and other adults for various levels of success to continue to be carried throughout the rest of the time spent in the park it doesn't take into account having to spend the rest of their time in the park with angry/upset children. The main point is strangers one can walk away from but children and their parents are basically stuck dealing with things such as tantrums, fighting, arguing for the remainder of their time in the theme park over the experience of one single bad ride. Other children would presumably taunt those less successful in their experience on the same ride. This again could presumably lead to a Clark Griswald level mental break for either parent or both! The last thing parents want is a ride that can potentially make one or more of their kids miserable for the remainder of their time in the park. Don't take my word for it just ask any parents that have had to deal with unruly, crying, angry, upset kids in public!

  16. For the love of god I’m so tired of watching Thomas and Martha Wayne get killed! Please just keep them alive by the end of this Joker movie. I can do without Batman for a while

  17. Is it not possible that the Joker movie is from the Jokers perspective so that all of the people around him are grotesque characters. To him, would Thomas Wayne not be the same as a Donald Trump? Just a thought.

  18. That millennium falcon story is what online video gamers deal with on a daily basis. Constantly being teamed up with people who have are poor or have no interest in playing the objective

  19. You've gotta love Disney being surprised that an interactive activity that you can't practice with people you do not know turns out to be frustrating, when they could talk to almost any game developer (or even any gamer) and they could tell them that would be a bad idea in about five seconds.

  20. Batman has a huge amazing rogues gallery, and yet every other movie, all we get is another version of Joker. How about we NOT have Joker for a while? How about we pull from one of the many other well crafted villains and do that instead. Keep Joker in Arkham for a few years.

  21. I think we're taking the "you'll keep that Star Wars character for the day" thing to literally. They probably just mean that it can supply some nice role playing material.

  22. I want DC to just introduce the Multiverse and you have pockets of movies in their own Earth dealing with their own tie ins if they want to tie them in together. All they have to do is in the beginning of the movies just like in the first issues of certain series runs they just put an earth-"X" at the start of the film.

  23. I just feel like it's a mistake to put together a movie that's outside the universe we've already established, especially using the Joker. Should have just recast Leto and made this Joker movie part of the DCU. And then made Reeve's Batman to go along with it.

  24. It’s the Joker’s movie not Batman. They can’t have characters being represented the way Batman would look at them. I feel like if it’s going to be truly a Joker movie we have to see his point of view and sympathize with him. To me that’s what makes a great movie when you find yourself question if the hero has been the villain the entire time.

  25. Bill was changed to "Willy" and they omitted his stutter. Ben and Mike were merged into one character. Fukunaga insisted on including the gang bang in the tunnels and a scene where Beverly was gang raped by her father and a group of his friends. Fukunaga's script was going for the most extreme at every turn. The movie was better off in Muschietti's hands. Still got mad respect for Fukunaga's work, though.

  26. Here's why you can't just do an Elseworlds Joker movie: they haven't established this Joker in any way that having an alternative would be interesting. You don't get the ELSEworld until you get the here-world. A Joker without a Batman or a history isn't anything more than a crazy guy. I'm sure Joaquin Phoenix can do a great crazy guy and it might be interesting but it isn't interesting as a JOKER movie if you haven't established the importance of the character.


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