Learning Japanese


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  1. Me: Looks at tital Clicks on video Thinks Abot how hard it is to learn Japanese Because it has 3 alphabets thinks about all the time i've spent learning Japanese thinks about the fact that you can't say F&@# in Japanese Watches Video sees Rachel and Jun Freaks Me: HOW DO YOU LEARN SO FAST!?!?!!?

  2. I know I’m late but I can’t anymore-
    いきます is like “go to”, so without the か it’s more like “I go to parties” not a question about the party.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  3. I’m not saying watch anime to learn Japanese but anime to me is like me also watching Dora to learn Spanish. I might forget a lot but at least most of these words I do remember as long as I. Can say them .

  4. Cool! I’m learning Japanese at school. I know what all this means and you’re pronunciation is actually pretty good for someone without a teacher. Well done and keep up the good work.

  5. I wish i knew Japanese just so i could hear how wrong she is??
    I only speak English and, to me, jenna sounds like she's speaking straight up Japanese lol

  6. For future reference for anyone who may be going to japan, a lot of younger Japanese people (teens, kids, young adults) will probably speak a little English. You can use that plus your broken Japanese and you should be able to survive. South Korea in particular has a LOT of kids who can speak English pretty well. Many schools in Asia provide that class for kids because of the vast number of American and European tourists+media.

  7. I go get my nails done at a Japanese salon and every time I go in while its raining the receptionist goes "Oh hello IS IT SHOWER OUTSIDE?!" and I lose my shit. She's incredibly adorable which adds to the effect.

  8. Back in these days, there was a legendary Japanese teacher on YouTube that went by the name of FilthyFrank. He was one of the wholesome ones.

  9. Now after that I wanna hear Jenna’s Spanish! And if anyone cares I also just want to see what I understand from 8 years of Spanish to my 1… year. BUT I LIKE SPANISH.

    If you care about anything I have to save you can find it here:

    So basically I don’t know that much but if you comment in Spanish I will give my best answer! 😂 even if it is “no se” 😂


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