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With all the treats and temptations around during the holidays, it’s easy to pack on a few extra pounds — but remember, New Year’s Eve parties are fast approaching too. If you indulge, remember to work out! Luckily, celeb trainer Ashley Borden created this little black dress workout for us all. Best of all, there are no props required. So no excuses! Press play and get ready to sweat, sculpt, and torch some serious calories.

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  1. Love your workouts! Would you please post info on the cute clothes/shoes that your guest trainers wear. Several times I have wondered where the shoes are from or what brand the clothes are. For example – what brand pants is Ashley wearing in this workout? They are awesome!!

  2. Try and do this 10 minute workout at least once every other day for a few weeks! Then you may want to try doing the workout twice through (total of 20 minutes) every other day. In between work on your cardio with jogging, biking, swimming, etc to burn more calories. You will see results in the first week just from being consistent and in 4 weeks you will really see a difference! Get Started!

  3. Hi i have been doing this for 2 days in a row…30 minutes exercise…I couldnt move properly as my tight is really hurt..for almost 2 days…can you suggest any good stretching… 🙂

  4. I love that there is a beginner version to all of the moves, I have been trying to lose weight and can't always use the full moves. This really helps!

  5. before the workout try sitting on the floor and reaching toward you toes to get your legs stretched out also try stanting up and grab you leg behind you back if you need to grab onto something for balance this should help!

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  9. I recently convinced a male friend of mine to do these with me. He does all the same moves, modifies when he needs, and just tends to use slightly heavier weights on some of the exercises (for example he uses 15 where I use 8). Generally, anyone can do any of these moves for toning OR muscle building, just use more weight and do fewer reps for the latter.

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  14. This is a great workout, but I found in this one that there was a lot of talking and it just made the count go off. Where I thought it was 8, it was only 5?????
    I've learned to just go with it now.
    I do 3 full body workouts from Popsugar at 3-4 times a week and man it really gets you sweating!!!
    Cheers ladies!!

  15. Just wanted to add thanks for all the useful and necessary tips about how to correctly perform squats to gain the most benefit and for the important tips about shoulders health. Much appreciated.

  16. Great workout but the girl in the blue top was talking way too much. It was very distracting even for the instructor. I feel they could have completed the entire routine had she talked less. My opinion.


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