loving myself based on my love languages ♡


What better way to celebrate my last hoorah as a 20something year old (where did the time go doe?) than treating myself to what a quiz online tells me I love? ha. Idk about you guys but love languages have completely revolutionized the way I approach certain people and our relationships (like astrology tbh). What are your love languages? Share in the comments!


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  1. JENNNNNNN – I would reach through the screen and give you a cuddle (if touching strangers didn’t give you the heebie jeebies) you 110% are worthy, clever and talented. Happy birthday you big time ledge x

  2. ughhh i shed some tears at the end girl. I am so proud of you too! Thank you for this kind of video! My birthday is also coming up 10/10! Maybe I will try this on my birthday =] <3 I love you Jen!

  3. I've watched your videos for what feels like an eternity and this by far, is my favorite, most resonating video you've gracefully shared with us. Thank you so much for existing 💛

  4. I know this is more of something you need to believe rather than me affirming this for you haha but you are mad smart and probably in the top 5 most well spoken people on youtube that i know (besides people who do like math tutorials or whatever haha)

  5. Happy Birthday Jenn! I have been watching you since Clothes Encounter and you have always been an inspiration to me. When I was younger, my family didn't always have the money to buy me Hollister outfits or American Eagle. We shopped at thrift stores and I was ashamed of it. After watching you style all the thrifted pieces, it changed my perspective on second hand clothing. I was proud to be wearing my shirt from Goodwill to school. I felt cool and unique. I just wanted to let you know that you did that for me. You have grown to be such an amazing, articulate woman that I aspire to be some day. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and letting us into your life. We love and appreciate you so much. Have the best birthday yet. <3

  6. I was literally crying while you were reading your letter. I think it's because I saw a reflection of myself. I'm always too cruel to myself and instead of being my best friend I'm my biggest bully. Take care and Happy B-day Jenn! ❤️

  7. omg jenn!! that last clip of your words of affirmation got me crying too! what a perfect video to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday from a long time, quiet subscriber 🙂

  8. Happy birthday, Jenn! ❤️ I hope you'll have an amazing day!! Keep being as awesome as you've always been. You are an inspiration to me and to so many other people. All the work that you do with so much passion. I'm truly happy for you and how much you've accomplished and I'm also very proud too. ❤️

  9. I started tearing up the moment Jenn’s voice cracked a little during words of affirmation 😭😭 You’re my favorite person on this entire planet because you’re so kind and so fricking good at what you do. You’re always striving to be better than you were which is why you inspire me to be a better version of myself as well. I love you Jenn! I am so happy that I found you on Youtube and have stuck with you since then. There’s nobody else in the world that I want to be like. Happy Birthday my idol😭

  10. I went back to your video last year that you made for your birthday and watched this video again. Happy birthday jenn 🎉 I hope everything goes well for you. I love how self aware you are and so intune you are with your emotions and thoughts.

  11. School really can hurt people. I have had to fight so hard to make it work for me as a disabled person. If you aren’t cookie cutter, it always makes you feel like you aren’t enough. The real reason for that isn’t that we aren’t enough, it’s that school is like an assembly line rather than enrichment for the individual. It works for many, but not all. You have come so far despite school putting you down, and we are proud!
    My grades aren’t perfect, but they’re still good and I am applying to vet school! I will hear in a couple months whether I get an interview 🤞! Maybe I will care for Cheeki someday if I move to CA 😂~

  12. Happy birthday Jenn! Your love letter to yourself speaks volumes and really connected with me and my life. I wanted to let you know that I will always watch your videos and support you and your goals.

  13. Did the Korean Spa give you ‘22’ on purpose? because if they didn’t that’s the universe telling you that you should be there and you’re on the right path😧🥰 if not what a coincidence

  14. Ah what a beautiful video! I always think about how to love other people and how other people can love me, my I don’t think often about using this knowledge I have about myself to love myself better. What an inspired idea. I will definitely use this in the future to become a kinder and more loving person towards myself. Love you and happy birthday Jenn 💖

  15. When your name is also Gen T^T the self talk part literally speaks to me. This video has inspired me to do more acts of self love each as I also struggle to love myself. I have also made myself cry harder whenever I tell myself I'm in a better place now and I can stop the self destructive habits I have learned over the years that helped me cope back then. Sometimes the words we need to hear have to come from ourselves because we are the only ones who know how much it means to us. Definitely coming back to this video more often, thanks Jenn <3

  16. Today was also my brothers birthday and his love language is quality time so my family and I got together and surprised him at his apartment and just spent the day with him. It was great 🙂 ❤❤❤

  17. i love you and how raw you are. i’ve been watching your videos since i was in middle school and you’re growing as a person so beautifully inside and out and i’m so proud of you. happy birthday jenn ♥️✨

  18. You've been an inspiration to me since I first watched you on 2012. It's quite cool that we're both born in 1990… which means I can relate to you quite a lot. Thank you for being an inspiration to thrive in life… not only to me but to everyone.

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  19. This was such a unique video! We often times forget to love ourselves and the letter at the end really broke me. I really wish one day i can sit there and say I'm proud of myself too. For now, I'm definitely working towards it. Thank you for creating this amazing content Jenn, and you are definitely such a role model to many so keep being proud of yourselves :))

  20. this is NOT hate whatsoever, i just have some advice that came to mind when hearing your letter to yourself. it made me think of how inward-focused so many of us can be while in pursuit of self-care and "becoming a better person". it is totally healthy (and a good thing) to work on yourself and evaluate yourself. but the best thing we can do to become a better, more confident, and happier person has nothing to do with us at all. it's when we look away from ourselves and focus on others, on seeking ways to be there for others and sacrifice ourselves for them, and try to understand who they are and what we can do to build them up. self-absorption can look a lot like self-care and introspection sometimes. just a thought. i am guilty of doing this so i'm all too aware of this kind of thinking

  21. i love this idea! my birthday was sept 17 and now i want to do something like this as a belated present to myself. my only concern is that i wouldn't take the words of affirmation seriously and just joke around with myself, really avoiding saying anything truly sincere and nice to myself. i took the love language quiz about 4 years ago. i want to retake it to see if my love languages changed at all (plus i don't remember my order that well hah i just remember touch was higher up the list)

  22. happy birthday Jen! 🎈 the letter you wrote to yourself had me in TEARS. I felt like i was watching myself say what I actually want to say when I look in the mirror. I really should practice this more often. Thank you for an incredible video and I hope you enjoyed your 29th birthday! 💘


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