Magic: The Gathering Arena – First Gameplay Video


Get your first look at the latest Magic: The Gathering video game, which wants to translate the actual experience of playing Magic across from another human being.

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  1. Hey I wonder what happened to Static Shock remember the cartoon Static Shock guy with Dreads control electric should be Move or Tv Netflix and Also who think would Win Black Panther Vs The Bat Batman they Both are Cool but i love Black panther Hes Different from All Rest Definitely i wonder do Black Panther have any unquestionable Weapons

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  3. When they a commander think of all the cool graphics for all the old cards. A giant black smoke screen whenever phyrexian proliferates. Are whelming wave that washes most cards to there owners hands like a giant water wave across the field

  4. One thing they should do to make the game easier both online and on paper is to change the card frame so spells, creatures, enchantments, artefacts and lands have different looks. They've already done this for planeswalkers, tokens, vehicles, etc. so why not do if for the basic card types too

  5. they need to make a new shandelar game… there are plenty of other games where i can play against 1. but there is none where i can collect and create a deck and go against a super boss, sell my cards and buy new ones or even quest in dungeons for cards and money.. MTG is so great for createing an openworld RPG style game, and they wont do it again :(.. i miss shandelar. BRING IT BACK!!!!

  6. I want to see 90 decress tap, better/less cartoonistic/more realistic background, some nice music would be nice & I also would like to see voice overs on some cards based on my personal experience from other digital card games it help greatly to immerse the player in the game, also animated/foil cards & lot's of nice different sleeves to customize our decks.

  7. Attacking animations should never take more than 1 sec or 1.5 seconds all combined. So if you are attacking with 20 tokens, you see a machinegun of hits.

  8. Honestly, I think if they merged this with MTGO, (I mean including older cards, different formats etc,) maybe even slowly over time, then (but only then) they actually have a chance for success here.
    This might be controversial but I think that, when it comes down to it, Magic is the better Game. So if they figured out a way to bring it into digital space as ONE THING, they could conceivably wipe the floor with Hearthstone. In terms of Quality at least, probably still not in terms of popularity.

  9. I actually enjoy Duels. It has just enough in terms of visuals to make it interesting without being cheesy. Why couldn't they just have upgraded Duels to normal MTG gameplay and rules. This looks stupid.

  10. Dude what is this dude problem. When he was playing dino he concede when he had advantage and when he plays pirates sits on 2 kill spells to kill the one reach guy and passes 6 turns with lethal in the air

  11. To all the people complaining about how these two performed. These are two people playing a GAME and having fun. It's this attitude that makes it hard for some new people to get into it. They are having fun which is what MTG was designed for, who gives a damn if they're great or terrible.

  12. Why can't they make the cards come to life. Roooarrr!! out spawns a GIANT DINOSAUR from the card that was played onto the table. C'mon it's suppose to be a Video Game. i like Magic, i have THOUSANDS of cards, i can do this in real life. ADD the things we see in our IMAGINATION to the Video Game.

  13. I am always wondering that while MTG is the first and best trading card game, you can't trade cards with people in the digital game. I think this is one of the most fun part of it, but instead you can only buy cards from the shop like any other digital card games, which is really boring. Providing a card trading market should make the community more active.

  14. Magic Arena's visual design and UI are… awful. It copies Hearthstone for no apparent reason except Hearthstone is popular, without realizing that Magic and Hearthstone are so fundamentally different in mechanics, design goals, etc. as to make it inherently self-sabotaging and confusing.

  15. I think it looks decent for a first look. Anyone thinking there isn't going to be different card backs and further improvements to the interface is pretty dumb. There are a lot of people from f2p trash ccg like Eternal doing there best to downplay what this latest MTG release is going to be able to do. I encourage the fringe ccg trash to stick with what they got, trying to compare what WOTC could do with this product to a flash in the pan will only make your game look worse.

    Looks good so far MTG, I hope this release is the HS slayer you are hoping for! If the fringe CCG get snuffed in the process all the better! 🙂

  16. I am all in on making Magic more digitally accessible and interesting visually, but I defiantly think this client needs alot more work before release.

  17. IGN doesn't know you can ply creature after attacking. Raid is too complicated for them
    No wonder Blizzard didn't want to expand after 9 deckslots. Is this the demographic? GODDAMN…

  18. WoW TCG basically copied Magic the Gathering and now Magic the Gathering copied Hearthstone to return the favor. I mean Jesus Christ the animations and playmat look identical, yet the art is underwhelming when compared to Blizzard's game.

  19. to be fair cardgamewise magic was always the best, now if it comes with a modern hearthstoney style i can see it competing with hs,sad to hear they seem to had a bad run with digital games?

  20. It's lovely to see so many people bitching about this. First off, this is Beta as hell. Secondly, this looks way better than Duels which is full of glitches and ridiculous crap. This looks exciting, you people just think it's boring because you're not playing it.

    I'm excited for it, no doubt Arena will be the step up the game needs.

  21. The interface is horrible, if I'm being honest. Graphically it looks about a decade old. The layout just seems crude and dated. I have no idea why MTG with the amount of incredibly talented people they have at their disposal would make something like this. It's especially bad considering how great the art is for the card game. They really need to fix this, it's just…bad.

  22. I remember the good ol days of playing Magic, I started back in Ice Age. Still have most of my cards and some decks still put together. My most prized Magic Card: My Beta Berserk. This variation of the game actually looks pretty damn cool. I tried getting into the Online magic game, but it was just so plain and couldnt get into it. But this looks promising

  23. Its a shame that WoC stopped supporting Magic: Duels. it was a great game with a big potential , but i guess greed is what made them abandon the game…

  24. Why did you kill Duels for THIS? WHY? WHY NOT JUST UPDATE DUELS IN DIFFERENT KINDS OF WAYS? I dont understand this game looks so crappy and people already bought cards for Duels. Its a good game! You can make it better. Arena is just too much.

  25. The UI is not good I think. Perspective is odd and it looks crammed. The bottom of the cards in hand is not visible and it makes hard to tell them apart. Every icon is crowded into the bottom middle section, even overlapping a bit. At least player health could go to under the names.

  26. Soooo, why are they making a game that looks like it was made 10 years ago and seems way worse than Planeswalkers (which I enjoyed a lot) and if they think it's going to compete with hearthstone, why does everything about this game look, sound and feel 1% as good.  This looks and feels low budget and amateurish. Not worthy of a comparison with HS and not worthy of MTG. Can they really not see how offputting this game is to casual gamers (which are who I'm guessing they hope to attract)?

  27. Damn, the sheer hate for this is real… Do people not understand that this is pre-alpha? Of course they’ll make tweaks and changes. Don’t knock it ‘til it’s finished…

  28. So you've got to memorize the entire card catalogue or have to keep clicking on all the cards to see what effects they have? Ew. Also is there an offline mode in this like their Planeswalker games?

  29. That's a great improvement from the old Stainless Games' "Duels of the Planeswalkers" series. However, gameplay and VFX is not bad. Hearthstone still rules in terms of having better VFX & Voiceovers.


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