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Avengers: Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus has shed some light on what he sees as a plot hole from the film regarding Captain America using Thor’s hammer. Though Steve Rogers is worth enough to use Mjolnir, the Marvel writer points out how they had to break a rule established in Thor: Ragnarok in order to have Cap use a certain power.

Why can Captain America use Mjolnir to fight Thanos in Endgame? We break it down and offer a counterpoint that goes back to the very first Thor movie.


  1. Not a plot hole. Thor wielded Mjolnir before Odin enchanted it. So even then it was meant to help him focus his power. The enchantment gives the one that wields it the power of Thor. They never said that Thor couldn't control lightning without it. If that was the case Odin would have only needed to take Mjolnir and not actually his power. Also, why do we need two people to tell us this in a less than 3 minute video? Reminds me of those annoying answering machine (voicemail for old phones 😉) messages where couples would take turns talking.

  2. "It shall possess the power of Thor." So why can't he just use the power of Thor? No one's saying the power is from the Mjolnir, he channels the thunder which the power is originated from Thor. If they delete that, it would have been a plot hole.

  3. I said this the second I got out of the theaters on the 1st showing, cap should’ve beeen able to use the hammer to do everything it can do and such but no lightning of any kind because that is Thor’s connection to the weapon

  4. Nah, not really a plot hole. They should explain a lot of crap in this movie, half of it does not make any sense whatsoever. But Steve lifting Mjölner is very acceptable since it was hinted at earlier, we got a nice explanation from Odin, and it make sense. I feel like they are lifting a non-issue to cover up all the real issues. Endgame is one of the worst put together superhero movies of all time, and there are plenty of dumb plot holes, but this is definitely not one of those.

  5. It is not really a plot hole at all. The hammer was never the source of Thor’s power. Instead Odin says that it was meant to bring the power out of Thor and help him focus it. The enchantment of worthiness placed on the hammer says whosoever is worthy will posses the power of Thor. The hammer and Thor are still connected and the power is drawn from Thor himself. Therefore Cap would be able to use all the powers Thor posses while in contact with the hammer. Only way the hammer will do nothing is if Thor was dead or the connection to Thor was severed.

  6. My stance: It isn't a plot hole. Odin's enchantment (as stated in the video) is why anyone worthy can wield the power of THOR.
    Done. Discussion over. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know Marvel's lore on this and should keep to themselves. 😜

  7. It probably was a pot hole…however all is saved as Odin legit said 'He who be worthy…..' he worthy lol there are wayyy bigger plot holes lol this is a distraction hahaha

  8. Maybe the hammer helps focus his power by flowing through it, but still originated from Thor, and when Cap has the hammer he's tapping remotely in to thor's power. I don't feel like it's a plot hole.

  9. Not a plot hole because he was worthy so he posses the power of thor. And the hammer may not be the source of the power but Cap needed help focusing the power and he uses the hammer for that.

    Also worth me timing that yes the completed infinity gauntlet is in the vault but hela walks through saying "fake, fake and refers to the gauntlet" fixing the plot hole there

  10. Once the hammer got destroyed by Hella, the enchantment doesn't exist but Thors' power resided in him all along. It was there (the hammer) so Thor would focus his power and a s a way to psychologically control him.
    Bringing the hammer back, the enchantment stands thus, Cap Thor.

  11. But it is written on the hammer that "he who weilds this hammer ,if he is worthy, will get the powers of thor"
    This would mean that cap when weilds the hammer he can summon lighting as it is one of thor's powers

  12. Is the lighting coming form Cap or is he just controlling the elements? I don't see this as much of a plot hole. Easy to get around it, but whatever.

  13. The enchantment literally says posses the powers of Thor meaning that the hammer was enchanted to give the worthy all of the powers Thor has naturally so long as they held the hammer so not a plot hole just an oversight

  14. You wanna talk about a Retcon lets talk about how that's all captain Marvel was they changed who the first avenger was and where the tessaract was just to force her into a story she did not need to be in.

  15. Seems like the MCU is already so expansive that the producers have forgotten their own storylines and plot devices. It's only a plot hole if it doesn't make sense based on the information we've been given so far. I thought Cap had the powers of Thor since he was worthy of lifting Mjolnir.

  16. If the hammer is not supposed to give power to whosoever can lift it the how will jane foster in thor 5 will get power as she is also not godess of lightening

  17. The whole IMAX movie theater lost our collective shits when Cap got the hammer and when he summed lightning was the cherry on top. I’m glad they did it, best cinematic moment ever!

  18. Clearly a storm flew out of the hammer when it broke in ragnarok. At the very least Odin basically said it was training wheels.

    But the back and forth in this video with the declaration on the front that it was a plot hole…. Click bait? I guess my fault for clicking an ign video…

  19. You just slap yourself in the face by pointing out Odin’s charm to the hammer. How’s this a plot hole??
    It’s part of the movie plot and not the comic. Get your fact straight you poopoo heads.

  20. Well I mean you just said it. Whomever hold this hammer, if worthy, may posses the power of THOR. Not Thor’s hammer. So if Thor’s power without the hammer is to summon lightening, then whoever is possessing the power OF Thor THROUGH the hammer would have the power to summon lightening.

  21. Only Marvel would admit to a plot hole that didn't exist. Thor discovers he doesn't need the hammer because his powers are inherent, though it has its uses still. But other, worthy, people need hammer to have power of Thor. Pretty damn simple.


    That means Captain America HAS the power to call the lightning, and Vision could have called it as well in AGe of Ultron. IT IS NOT A PLOT HOLE.

  23. How is this a plot hole? It is is literally stated in the enchantment Odin put on Mjolnir. And to the person that pointed out the plot hole: When cap holds Stormbreaker, the blue fire/lightning effect disappears because he is only able to have Thors power when holding Mjolnir. He only ever summoned lighting with Mjolnir, and that’s it.

  24. First Thor movie. Odin banished Thor from Asgard, and enchanted Mjolnir.

    “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

    Cap is worthy, holds the hammer and POSSESSES THE POWER OF THOR, which is lightning.

    It's not a plot hole.

  25. It's not a plot hole because having Thor's power through being worthy of Mjolnir, it didn't say that the hammer will give the power to the person but by being worthy of Mjolnir they will get the power of Thor. Thor is still Thor obviously but he doesn't have his power stripped by Odin


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