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Cuphead is headed to Netflix, Dr. Mario World is available now, and the MCU Multiverse is confirmed.

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  1. Can people stop talking about doctor strange as if everyone was crazy about it when doctor strange came out. the big thing is that they have completely confirmed that there is a multiverse

  2. The Multiverses was confirmed in Doctor Strange soo this old news the real mystery is how far will Kevin take this especially since now he owns Fox side of Marvel will he just bring them by the Multiverses (Probably not after the box office failure of Dark Phoenix) or will he just erase that I would love to see a since when Deadpool take the Gauntlet and erase that timeline the problem is that will create another time line within it self Now to think about Every Marvel movie in history can be apart of the MCU with the Multiverses soo that can be Ben’s Daredevil or Netflix daredevil it depends how far they will take this Kevin seem to have no problem using past actors from movie outside of Disney sooooo the question is will this open up to Deadpool from Fox to come in to play I think this will open the door to a big Mystero lied about this in Far From Home but it was confirmed with the after credit

  3. See! Now isn't this nice! A comment section where people aren't displaying how disgusting the thoughts are in their heads about our host Syd.

    Syd is a beautiful human being that has feelings just like us.

  4. **spoiler** Why this video doesn't have a spoiler alert regarding Spiderman far from home? There's a lot of people who doesn't want to know what's up with Mysterio till they see the movie.

  5. Im sorry but marvel went from being quite focused with a nicely mixed universe but just spilled the whole 10 years with endgames time travel crap now they added a multiverse to that. Im sorry but it contradicts everything MCU was before

  6. The way Marvel handles their multiverse is that EVERYTHING related to Marvel has it's own Universe.

    The MCU is Earth-199999.
    The Main comic book universe is Earth-616.
    The Ultimate Marvel comics is Earth-1610.
    Marvel's 2099 is Earth-928.
    The Universe where Spider-Man has a daughter who becomes Spider-Girl is Earth-982.
    The Spider-Man TV show from the 60's is Earth-67 & Earth-6799.
    Marvel Zombies is Earth-2149
    Spider-UK is from Earth-833
    The X-Men Films are Earth-10005
    Marvel Noir is Earth-90214
    Sam Rami's Spider-Man films is Earth-96283
    The Amazing Spider-Man Films is Earth-120703
    Spider-Man PS4 (Which is called the Gamer-verse) is Earth-1048

    And their are WAY more earths then the ones I just named.

    My point is, if the MCU wants to go Multiverse jumping, be prepare for your minds to be blown.

  7. Wow! Really? It’s not like they confirmed this in 2016 with Doctor Strange. Also, even if it was first heard hear, Mysterio lies about it. He had no idea the multiverse was real thing; he was tricking them.

  8. Do some research before u upload ign. The multiverse was established in doctor strange years ago. If they can bring JK Simmons back as Jameson then they can do the same in a multiverse movie with Tobey and Andrew too.

  9. So I guess what we already knew is news? She already said so but hey remember on Doctor Strange when the Ancient One said to Strange “Who are you in this vast MULTIVERSE.” Also remember Endgame where there’s this thing called the Quantum Realm that is used to travel through time and phase between realities? Changing the timelines also creates a new and separate reality so yea…the Multiverse totally hasn’t been a thing until this video. Thanks for the assist IGN!

  10. actually, if it weren't for Doctor Strange, I'd say this movie has deconfirmed the multiverse rather than confirming it because it was mysterio that told this as part of his backstory, and it was all LIES.

  11. whew i watched far from home just last night so i didnt get spoilered. would of easily figured it out. theres only 1 person who says hes from a different plane of existence.

  12. lul, she literally says in the video that the multiverse been canon since Doctor Strange 2016 so why are people spamming it? Feige now has officially confirmed it suppose.

  13. That's the only way the X-Men can exist. It wouldn't make sense other wise and it would give them an Entirely new meaning. The X-Men have to come from a world where Super-Powered being are looked down upon. It would give them that extra depth.

  14. The multiverse of course allows Marvel to bring characters back who were killed in the last 2 movies. At least bring back their multiverse counterparts to our universe.
    I wonder which ones they will bring back and which ones will stay dead.


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