Marvel Movies ‘Not Cinema’: Why We Disagree With Martin Scorsese – What to Watch


“That’s not cinema.” “Fun and good.” “Despicable.” “Beautiful.”

Those are just four filmmakers describing Marvel movies. Ever since Martin Scorsese said Marvel movies are “not cinema,” a few superhero filmmakers jumped to the franchise’s defense on social media. And now, every time a Marvel actor or filmmaker goes out in public, they get asked the question of the day: Are Marvel movies cinema?

IGN’s film critics debate the topic that has taken hold of Hollywood and include quotes from the likes of Bob Iger, Natalie Portman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Kevin Smith.



  2. Superhero movies aren't real cinema. And I've seen people comparing it to western, lol. Watch films made by Ford, Hawks, Huston, and Ray and tell me if both type of movie are the same. Future filmmakers won't learn anything from watching these superhero movies.

  3. I see bias on both sides.
    Scorsese: hasn't made a marvel movie and isn't getting a check

    IGN: comic movies give their channel lots of content to upload

  4. Marvel movies ARE NOT the cinema these old legends know. They're not wrong. It's dumb to expect classically trained 70-year old jazz musicians to fall in love with the sound of extreme noise metal; these art forms use completely different languages.

  5. Always the same argument from entertament craving peoples that everything is art so everything should be considered as such, where obviously they don't want to look at themself and maybe uunderstand that they are sheep craving their daily entertainment fix. Yes if cinema is Antonioni, tarkovsky, Bergman, Lynch, Dreyer, scorsese you know the people considerer being the picasso and duchamps of cinema then yeah Marvel movie should not be considered the same. Marvels movie are big production entertainment, pop object not being created as pop object, if they were created with the intent of being a picture of a specific time and space maybe we could call them pop art lol but no they are juste created to make money with specification doc about prerequisities etc. They are production choice in those movie like what demographic it should appeal, why it should not get pg rating etc that affect the overall movie how can we call that art.. But yeah let's listen to the view of ign on what is art.

  6. He is wrong. Cinema doesn’t have to be incredibly deep and meaningful, it can be different things. I like so many different types of films, ones that make you think and ones that you can just go to and watch for pure entertainment. His way of thinking is so elitist and pathetic to be honest. It’s like if one video games developer said “those aren’t video games as they focus on narrative and not gameplay,” it’s such a wrong way of looking at things.

  7. Wow there are a lot of nasty comments for this video. Personally I think Scorsese should just hang it up, he had a spectacular run but now he is the dinosaur trying to stop progress. No one wins that battle

  8. Is MK the same as FF15? Is Infinity War the same as Taxi Driver? Is shadow of the colossus the same as madden? No?!?! I get Scorsese's point the marvel movies (with very few exceptions) are not thought provoking commentaries of society and culture that Bladerunner, Taxi Driver, or even the Matrix are. They are popcorn flicks that are there for entertainment and not there to critique and make the audience think deeper. Sorry but I agree with Scorsese. 🤷‍♂️

  9. i don't know what he wants, star wars franchise did same in older generation and nobody was against it right? ,where was scorsese ? mcu is our generation star wars and it's not bad, it's pure art and beautiful, what is better watching mafia movies all day? how family members killing each other for money? it's outdated and will die soon FORTUNATELY

  10. I mean he's not wrong tho. The only ones with proper heart imo is the guardians movies. If someone out there has an emotional connection to antman and the wasp please dm me x

  11. next video title : "why do ign script writer and marvel's fan so insecure over other opinion". Like, lots of marvel fan criticize other product but when other don't like Marvel franchise, they start getting bat sh*t insane.

  12. "He said it's not cinema."
    "… I mean, it plays in theaters."
    "Do you think he's jealous though, of Marvel's success?"
    "Of course not, he's Martin Scorsese." – Robert Downey Jr.

  13. People talk about Marvel and DC as if they were sports teams. I have never, ever heard anyone talking about the craft or filmmaking behind the movies. There is no real cinematic or directorial vision behind most of those films.

  14. I don't know if i agree with him but there's no arguing that mcu films are minimum effort blockbusters and overrated by their fan base both critically and commercially. Endgame is on IMDb's top 250 movies as if that makes any sense.

  15. Seriously who cares? This franchise is loved by millions of fans. One of its most recent became one the most successful film of all time. So what if he doesn’t like it, that’s his opinion. IGN your just wasting your time talking about this.

  16. I agree on a certain level. Every movie has the exact same plot but only with different characters. There is no real weight in drama because everyone who dies comes back. I do think that the whole shared universe thing is pretty cool but as a standalone movie they are pretty bland. Every movie is a set up to a sequel. On their own, they aren't that great.

  17. IGN should rename their company to "Shill Network"'. This video was a pathetic display of disproving an opinion, lmao. You can't. Let the man have his own opinion. I enjoy the Marvel movies, as I'm a comic collector, however, the Marvel movies aren't exactly Criterion caliber (although Winter Solider could've been a standalone film outside the MCU, IMHO).

    They serve their purpose, and that's to entertain by suspending disbelief for a couple of hours from daily life, and that's it.

  18. Everything has not been said. There is a sector in our society that is always left out, locked out. Personally, I hate period movies and mono-ethnic storylines. White European and white American movie making often reminds me of every planet captain Kirk went to.
    If you just don't care about other ethnic groups being equally represented in any areal of life, that doesn't make it right or fair. There are other people in this world with other stories to tell.

  19. Don’t your dare disrespect Martin Scorsese. His films are actually cinematic while mcu is all digitalized. Literally ask everyone who teaches cinematography or even film professors and they’ll all agree with Martin.

  20. I think its very important that you guys and everyone who thinks marvel films are cinema know that Martin Scorsese is 100% correct with everything he has said. If you guys wanna sit in a group and talk about why you disagree with what he said then you are going nowhere. Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest filmmakers to ever make a film and he owns that title for a reason. If you guys are genuinely curious and want to hear a different opinion then go talk to him or at least get someone who disagrees and try and understand them. Anything Hollywood makes is designed to make money.

  21. Dude. Just stop. You guys should stick to games rather than pretend-argue with the worlds greatest filmmaker over cinematic art. This really looks ridiculous.

  22. I gotta agree with Martin man, a perfect example of a marvel movie that could be considered cinema would have to be the original spider man trilogy. It had its comedic moments but also so much depth and lessons of growth for the veiwers

  23. Some Marvel movies are fun to watch but I wouldn't categorize them as fine art. It my sound pretentious but they don't challenge or expand the viewers thinking. Only a couple Marvel movies hold up after a couple of viewings.

  24. Nerds are very eager to indulge in make believe stories of fantastical wonder. That's an observation & not a comment about escapism. idgaf about Tony Stark or his lightsaber.

  25. Marvel movies are art in the same way McDonald's employee's are chefs.. It might be made with garbage but pump enough salt and sugar into the food and you will find someone who will eat it.

  26. Marvel movies are downright over animated no skill garbage. So are most dc movies mind you. They all need to have more realism and better acting like the dark Knight.

  27. I think Marvel movies are more unique than you think. They are mainly superhero movies yes but look at Ant-Man. That is a superhero movie that is also a Heist movie. Look at Guardians of the Galaxy….space opera/superhero movie. Captain America is a period piece/and also a superhero movie. I could go on. They are deeper than people give them credit for.


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