Mary Kate olsen inspired NAKED palette tutorial


Inspiration Image –

Products used:
NARS sheer matte foundation – Barcelona
MAC studio finish concealer
Collection 2000 concealer
MAC msf powder
UD primer potion
UD NAKED Palette
Max factor false lash effect mascara
No.7 brown eye pencil
MAC Lingering eyebrow pencil
elf eyelash & brow gel
MAC Lilicent blush
Topshop Butterscotch blush/highlighter
Rimmel – Nude delight
Natural collection – Barley sugar


  1. i broke out really bad this week too :// ive never had such a bad breakout in my entire life.
    &i think this look should be likee,an everyday-go-to look for you because it looks so stunning on you<3

  2. @tulsan2 just because i like the colour mary kate has on, i'd just like to see a product similar to it. I love this tutorial and her eyes look fantastic, i just dont like these nude lips, jesus, why should that matter ?!

  3. hey girl i've been following you for a long time now and i think ur just very gorgeous and you inspire me a lot. However your hair looks unhealthy,I had the same problem, (i am of afro origins) and I used Tea tree oil, co-washing and went without heat for months and my hair is much better now, its bouncy and looks healthier. This is in no means a hating comment, but I really like your videos and your style and thought I would give you some constructive criticism 🙂 but Keep up the good work

  4. OMG thankyou SO much for this look! It's beautiful! Best smokey eye tutorial on YouTube in my opinion! I'm going to wear this everyday I tried it and it looks beyond gorgeous. Thanks again!!:D

  5. Okay i have sent this comment so many times on so many makeup videos and i apologize in advance for the annoyance… but someone PLEASE TELL ME WHERE URBAN DECAY CAN BE PURCHASED IN AUSTRALIA… or any online store that sends here…. please please please!!!!!
    p.s you're gorgeous, and I thoroughly enjoy you're videos.

  6. my NAKED palette came with an eye liner that had a black liner "zero" on one side and a brown liner "whiskey" on the other….wonder why yours has a brush and mine had eye liners??…weird. but you are GORG!

  7. I love this look. It looks so effortless but still gorgeous. The Naked Palette is definitely my favorite palette I have ever owned by far. You can do so many different looks with it! 🙂

  8. My god. I'm like in love with you it's crazy (not homosexually of course) but honestly I check everyday multiple times during the day to see if you have posted up a new video. I love your style, I love your hair its what I've always wanted and your personality. Basically, your my new inspiration. -andrea -3

  9. i would have perfered to have got the brush with the urban decay naked palette instead of the double sided eyeliner they are crappp ughhh

  10. When my skin breakes out it usually because im stressed so i take 1 night to talk a bath with candles and relaxing music and then i take a worm shower and make it steamy and i go through my skin routine Try that 🙂 and moisturize a lot


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