Mass Effect 3: Bioware Interview


Bioware founders reflect on the success of Mass Effect 2 and how they are taking the right steps to continue the trend with Mass Effect 3.

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  1. @guybeleeve Did you just tell me that you agreed with me… and then completely contradict what i was saying?? Yes the Citadel was bigger in ME1 because the Citadel has a bigger plot relevance in ME1 compared to ME2. The crew in ME1 is generic, dont misunderstand me i love all of them, but they are all stereotyped quite a bit. ME2 came out with fresh new original characters, they even took old characters (Garrus and Tali) and gave them much more depth. I just dont reckon youve played the games.

  2. @supertaco6 no i agreed with the part that it was more of a shooter. that's why i hate ME2, it's just like gears of war. So i didn't contradict what you were saying.(sigh) well im done responding so i'll just say this..i hate ME2 i hate EA and i will not buy ME3, nor any other game with their logo on it or near it. To me ME2 was a let down take that however you will but conversation over have a good day.

  3. Mass Effect 3 will be the last in the series? Sorry, I won't allow that. I still need to marry and have children with Liarra, and if I'm not able to do that in Mass Effect 3, there has to be a Mass Effect 4. Actually what am I talking about? There has to be a Mass Effect 4 regardless… OR ELSE.

  4. I am really skeptical about me3! I disliked dragon age 2, I think they were trying but lost the plot and cut too many corners to make it on the cheap! me3 well this dude says he liked scanning planets! It is the reason I STOPPED playing me2! If it is still in me3 then I will not be buying it. An AUTOMATIC SCAN will be border line! I will however scan an anomaly! Do they really listen to fans?

  5. @bebomac5 glad you won't miss me especially when we don't know each other. so go ahead and waste your money on something you've played ten times before,thinking it's new and epic.

  6. Mass Effect CAN'T end here. I really wouldn't mind if mass effect 4 was a whole new story and not connected to Shepard or anything about the first 3 games. (except setting) Like if It was long time ago with the protheans or in the future with a new character WE NEED SOMETHING! Make a mass effect 4, this series is too good to die. I don't want to be stuck playing COD 10 in the future, we still need game companies who aren't putting out the same shit over and over. ME series is different & fun!

  7. @shoopdawoop32 Well, I knew someone would say that, but this is what I meant. This game is ORIGINAL. It has its own style and is more than the run and gun fps crap we get all the time from game companies. Also, unlike CoD, where they are all practically the same game over and over with a little change in a couple textures and movements. Where in the mass effect series, it is growing, changing, and Bioware is LISTENING to what we wanted. It can be a long series without being repetitive. 🙂

  8. I liked both ME and ME2 and now I'm Waiting ME3 for this in stores or I'll order online! But I have a laptop, PS3, and XBOW 360 so which one should I get it for so cemment for me Youtube users!

  9. @Salrumanor get it on the 360 in my opinion. the ps3 has only me2 and 3, and the pc has a larger control scheme. i know people will disagree on both things, but i would get it on a console with all 3 games and a small easy to play with controller

  10. @Salrumanor personnaly i'm getting (or at least trying to lol) the original ME on 360 (limited collector's edition, which r VERY pricy now) ME1 on PC for it's graphics (ME1 on PC has no collector's edition). i'm also trying to get ME2 collector's edition on PC (i've already got the ps3 version which is using the ME3 engine and has a free download for a interactive comic book of ME1, though there's no collector's edition on ps3) and finally i'm getting the PC version of ME3 collector's edition.

  11. planet scanning was cool and helpful, but it would be nice if we could buy the elements too. Scanning got really boring after a while, but it's nice to have to work for it.

  12. @Marlon213
    It's actually not old-fashioned. Look at all of those games from the genesis of gaming… there is no story there. Putting a compelling story to a game is something that has been making more and more relevant as time goes by. Humans have told stories since the genesis of speech and video gaming is rapidly becoming the very best way to tell certain stories that would otherwise fail. It is an immersive genre of storytelling and the best games change the story by your actions.

  13. I WILL NOT BUY ME3 IF there is scanning of planets! I have said it before and I am saying it again. AM I THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? I will scan an anomaly, this is an opportunity to adventure out into space and secure valuable resources with consequences! Hey for those of you who think I am not a fan, I have all attachments to date. Do you?

  14. @beard6 Grunt and Morgan are the only dudes I take with me! Looking back at ME it was not compulsory to take anyone that was damaged by the genophage! But you HAD to take Garrus the pussy, he was compulsory . This I find interesting!

  15. if it follows after mass effect 2 as in it is dumbed down even more then this game is going to be terrible, lets hope its more similar to mass effect 1

  16. Bioware, please just keep doing what you did with 1+2, don't let EA rape it like they did with Dragon age and KOTOR (TOR is good, but it doesn't live up to the legacy). Don't go dumbing it down for mass appeal, I have no problem with streamlining, but just make sure it is still an RPG. The appeal of mass effect is the complex story, Immersive atmosphere and fleshed out, 3 dimensional characters.
    Oh and make jade empire 2 please.

  17. @KakashiKyle9 Obviously not, do you think i actually believe they'd listen to me even if they did? I'm just pissing in the wind, let me have my fun.

  18. @liamjd1 I saw some E3 overviews of the gameplay and I wouldn't worry too much. Customization returns and then some. Only thing I worry about is that it will be a very short game like DA2 is shorter to DAO.

  19. – You need a constant internet connection to play.
    – You need to play with the physical disks always.
    – They have dropped steam support.
    – Kinect gameplay.
    – Multiplayer gamplay.
    – already 12 DLC's out.
    – You need to sign into a bioware account to play.
    – EA game.
    – Very Very short.


    I'm gonna play some Mass Effect 1 now 😛

  20. @onlypolar Dude, I can not agree more. I am a PC gamer, and I would totally buy mass effect 3 with no problem if it wasn't for one thing. To play, you must install origin, and I bet you've heard a bunch of terrible stuff about it. Also another thing pissiong me off is that the prothean dlc costs 10 bucks. EA is trying to get people's money AND personal information? Fuck them. They will have neither of mine.

  21. @Toolband42O English is not my native language. That's probably why you will find various errors in my comments. I do however hope that my lack of grammar and spelling will not frustrate you. If it does then feel free to message me with some lessons in grammar/spelling.

    Sincerely yours truly, Nowaimylord.

  22. @Fandoria you know that if you have all war assets or 5000 ems (effective military strength) your ending will be different only the reapers will die and everyone that was in the normandy would survive

  23. Give BioWare some credit! The rest of the game was amazing IMO, and also, BioWare has hinted at the fact that the ending was not the true ending, and that the indoctrination theory could very well be correct.

  24. Watch the indoctrination video. It will make sense, and it was an amazing twist. If they would of let you know that it was an actual illusion, besides ending it, then you played out the ACTUAL ending. Would of been the the most creative video game ever created, still probb is.

  25. The ending of mass effect 3 only can be explain with mass effect 4, because the end is a shepard's dream! – but mass effect 3 steal need's a lot dlc actualy is very small!

  26. Umm, wow, is english your second language?

    Anyways, Mass Effect 1 cannot be ported to the PS3 because it was published by Microsoft, and there's no way they will ever let Mass Effect 1 be ported onto the PS3.

  27. Bioware LIED to us. They said it wouldnt be an a, b, or c enduing and oh look what we get at the end. Chose explosion colour a, explosion colour b, or explosion colour c. What a joke this company has become!!!! They also said that they would provide closure and answers to question. There was no closure and they left more questions than answers!!!!!!!!!


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