Maternity Alterations on a Formal Dress | Upsizing A Zipper Quick Fix


My best friend got this dress from Ross and I altered it to flatter her baby bump! Hope this helps some of you out 🙂

#maternitydress #sewing #alterations

The sewing machine I used in this video:

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  1. Hi April .. love your videos.

    Wondering if you could help?
    I have a midi tulle skirt with a thick elastic waist band .. however the elastic is mega tight, is there anyway way to stretch it out that you know of or any other tips on how to loosing it up.

    Many Thanks
    L xx

  2. She's beautiful and that color looks fantastic on her. Love this technique…next time I'm thrifting and find a dress that is a bit too snug I'll know that I don't have to pass it up! Thanks for sharing! Always useful content on your channel!

  3. Hey April i lovenyour videos finding your channel was one of the most exciting things that hapoened to me on youtoube. I was wondering if you could do a sewing a see through purse tutorial💖

  4. I don't mind this as a quick fix for yourself, but I would NEVER do this to someone else's dress. There are a number of better ways to alter the dress than the quick fix seen here, even if she wants to preserve the dress for use after delivery.

  5. Can make a challenge where you try to make a character or something else in dress form.

    [ex: a marvel chlaracter (iron man, spider man, wonder woman etc), a dc character (batman, joker etc), an application (facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, instagram) etc]

    So the challenge is that you make a dress (it doesn't need to be a dress) that reminds everyone of what it is supposed to be from the colours and the design. I WOULD LOVE to see something like that. Plus, it is quite original.

  6. Omg thank you April! This tutorial is exactly what I need and I didn't even know it. I have a dress that is just a bit small around the waist, I was trying to figure out how to fix it and this solution is absolutely perfect! Thank you for being amazing and for sharing this quick fix! 😊

  7. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, as my boobs have gotten bigger the last couple of years. I went up a size to accommodate, but then everything else was slightly off measurement. Thank you so very much for this tutorial.

  8. Hi April,
    Can you make a video about how to take care of fabrics? Some fabrics have some kind of sheen on them when you first purchase the clothing material, but after a wash the sheen goes away and is replaced by a soft worn out looking fabric. Something like rayon. Is there anything that would help restore the original quality of the fabric after the wash? I have thrown so many clothing items because of this problem just after one wash and I am sure that I am not the only with this problem. I wish you could help us.

  9. this is almost identical to how I did my prom dress! i put eyelets along the side and then lowered the zipper but it is nearly identical to this. it’s super neat to see this here on one my favorite youtubers!!

  10. Hi April, Love the video, and she great in that dress!
    Could you do a video on what you will need to really start sewing again, what materials, thread, cutting boards, ect. And what should a sewing room
    look like, in your opinion. Would love to see your working area. Just an idea. Thanks!

  11. this is a great method if you have a pre-pregnancy dress, want to wear it during pregnancy and intend to still use it after delivering the baby – just unpick the lacing when you don't need it anymore and use the zipper as usual.

  12. My prom dresses I got years ago when I was in high school, the dress fits but the zipper won’t go up. So this is perfect cus of course I gained weight. Damn I was sooo skinny in high school.

  13. This EXACT THING happened to me. My brother was getting married in June, and I lived abroad. I gave my mom my measurements in March so the bride could order the dress. Welp, I got pregnant and I was 4mo pregnant when I had to wear the dress! Thankfully, it had a very gathered waistband. I literally created two side panels from all of the excess fabric and no one was the wiser. This method would have worked as well, with A LOT less work!

  14. bridal shops do a little more involved version of this. they usually put a piece of fabric behind the lace up part so the back isn't exposed. the zipper is removed and the lace up part goes to the bottom of where the zipper was. the loops are made from cording and the loops are sewn to that flexible boning rather than a ribbon. the boning is finished inside the lining. also the loops are larger to accommodate a one inch wide bias cut tie. it's a big money alteration. there is a company that sells kits to do this so you don't have to fiddle around sewing all the loops to the boning and making the tie and modesty piece but the kits are pretty expensive

  15. I had the same problem with the back. Looked on YouTube to find a quick fix, found nothing. Had to buy fat ribbon and double sided fabric tape. Wrapped the ribbon around the dress and tied a bow in the back to cover the opening, it worked lol 🤷🏻‍♀️had a wedding to go to back in June and I was 6 months pregnant at the time. Wish you had made this video then lol


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