#TeamSuper merch has finally arrived! Seven new items go on sale RIGHT NOW at First come, first serve!

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  1. Which character are you the last number of your like is your character
    1 Luke skywalker
    2 qui gon
    3 anaken sky walker
    4 darth sidious
    5 obi wan kenobi
    6 mace windu
    7 kylo ren
    8 snoke
    9 han solo
    0 yoda

  2. omg lilly i will beg my dad soo hard just like you did to try to get wwe tickets and i will find a way how to get a merch or all of them cause we all know getting all the merch is super hard cause indian dads are like "Oh why you need another one? you already have one." but i promise i will get a merch i promise you

  3. lilly has changed her ring she used to hve the real superman logo but now she has her own logo ring so she has not been wearing that for 10 year btw i am from team superr i am just making an observation lysm lilly

  4. Lily you are like my ultimate role model and I can totally relate to so many things you say cuz I’m also indian😂 the ring is my favorite 💍 but I can’t get it😪

  5. Omgggggggggggggggg finallllllyyyyyyyy I’m getting the one and only superwoman merchhhhhhh you honestly don’t even know how happy I am I wanted to buy everything but……….. oh welll

  6. Its awesome that this video was uploaded the day that the movie Titanic (1997) hit the theatres. I was rewatching it for the second time, I rewatched it for the fourth I time on Valentines Day, because I'm a single potato. 😂😂

  7. My brother got a hoodie for $50 so I get to have The Team Super hoodie which adds up to about the same price. If you want to get something, compare yourself to a sibling. It always works!

  8. Im here watching this a few months later because…i was looking at her website and saw the ring and wanted it soooo badly!! Why so expensive!? How am i supposed to get that much money! And she only made 1000? Whats up with that

  9. My mom's on some of your merch at the thrift store and it was the girl love merch and I had to take it and then my friend told me it was merch and I never knew who you were until now I can't wait to start watching your videos


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