Would you shop secondhand for Christmas? Follow me as I search for awesome presents at Savers Thrift Store!

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  1. Smh when will boyfriends understand we fashionistas always look good when going out 😂😂😂
    I'll be thrifting gifts this year too, but I'll be redesigning everything. Also what phone do you have because I'm in the market for a new one. Also you guys are super cute 😍😍😍

  2. I love the thrift store for toys! I'm about to have a baby girl and we've already started an ample stuffed animal collection just from thrifted toys. As long as you wash them well, I don't see anything wrong with it!

  3. Thriftshops here only have really, actually 'used' clothing…and almost never anything from high end brands. Just H&M and the like. Nice stuff ends up in consignment stores or on ebay. It sucks. Buying a present there is definitely not an option…unless the person is into vintage or a young child who doesn't care.

  4. I'm so jealous ! We didn't have something like that store in my city.. it's too sad 'cause I'm really inspired by your videos and I would like to try to do something like thrifted clothes but this is not possible 😔

  5. You can find mistletoe on bare trees. If a tree has no leaves on it but you see little batches of green here in there that's mistletoe. Sometimes you can reach it from the ground.

  6. @coolirpa If Harper loves being a doctor you should grab a set of scrubs and remake them into a scrub set for her and maybe a white shirt or something made over into a little lab coat too!

  7. Oh no that was holly not mistletoe! Internet searches are misleading because people name things wrong. Look up live mistletoe, it has white berries, holly has red. Love your channel!

  8. You guys are so cute and sweet. I love seeing that others are into second hand items for gifts, too. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that 2018 is wonderful.


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