Michael Rooker Talks Guardians, Yondu & Twerking!


Michael Rooker Talks Guardians, Yondu & Twerking!
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Michael Rooker stopped by the studio to talk about his role as “Yondu” in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, answer some fan questions and his thoughts on twerking.

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  1. Thinking back remembering the days when people viewed comic based movies as a nerd thing to do or that they viewed superheroes as a childish thing. Where are they now? Exactly. Glad to see people loving the superhero genre and to be honest, they are the only movies that people are WAITING to watch every year; because whether or not you agree, they are the HIGHLIGHT of the year. 

  2. Mr. Rooker got Erin to twerk. Ha! This is just something that if a camera weren't running, nobody would believe you.
    He's pretty awesome. Great interview.

  3. I remember when just the early concept art was released in 2012, and Rooker was discussing who he might want to play in the just-announced Guardians and he said that he was friends with raccoons or he might play a tree.

  4. I really hope that Erin doesn't make that bikini video even if she loses the bet. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a fun thing and not for views (right clevver movies?) But you guys in the comments are making it a really uncomfortable situation for her.

  5. Does that mean Erin is divorcing her husband and marrying Michael Rooker? Her husband probably beat her after the video, but he looks tiny so she could probably beat him up. I had Michael Rooker mistaken for Chuck Liddell in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie because he had that blue paint on, and I was trying to figure out if it was Chuck Liddell. That would have been another good choice for the role. Chuck Liddell is intelligent and successful outside of UFC, I guess he's also a top Texas Hold'em player and is good with numbers and estimations for strategy he must have done with his fights. Will there be an explanation why Yondu chose to pick up Peter Quill when he was a kid, when usually when Yondu picks up strays it's for the purpose of the other members of the ship to eat them alive for food? I guess they would eat them alive because there's more health properties to it, and it makes their health care a lot cheaper. Could it have something to do with Peter Quill's immortal prince father, or they detected something in his DNA they thought would be a good part of their crew? It didn't seem like it was chance they picked him up, they may have been watching him and picked him up for a reason. I don't know if they said Yondu was immortal in the comic books, I couldn't find anything and I'm not sure if I heard that in the video or not. If he is immortal in the comics, he could turn out to be immortal in the movie, he could know Peter Quill's immortal prince dad, and that could be the reason why he brought him on to his crew, or he detected immortal DNA and thought he could use him for the crew.

  6. I can not tell u how much I adore this wonderful man. Soo lovely and down to earth. Great sense of humor and personality. Has major respect for his fans. And now seeing him twerk is the best thing ever! I love u Rooker! xx

  7. 'Being apart of the Marvel family is like being adopted into the family that lives in the house down the street… Where all the hot women go' Well he is absolutely right! (Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Olsen,)

  8. Rooker is one of the older guys twice my age I fantasize about. I love his raspy voice, his funny, no-care, flirt-with-everyone type of attitude and just his mere presence that brings a need to fan yourself, LOL. Sorry not sorry.


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