Microsoft Reveals Xbox One The Lego Movie Bundle – IGN News


Microsoft has announced the LEGO Movie Videogame Xbox One Bundle.

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  2. Well. That game is sorta shit all things considered. No Movie voucher, other Lego Games (like Marvel Super Heroes or Batman 3). Kind of a nothing news bit. Unless you want a free copy of the worst Assassin's Creed game.

  3. Is it just me or microsoft is releasing a bundle every day while ps4 is getting amazing game li uncharted the Nathan drake collection.
    Ps4>>>bundlebox one.

  4. No offense, but LEGO Movie The Videogame is the worst of the LEGO video games. I'm sorry, but the ACTUAL movie was better. Lego Marvel, DC, Jurassic World, etc. were better

  5. there's rumors that the next Xbox one bundle with be with Atari games. It's to stay with the logic of having already out old games bundle.

  6. why the hell would i get an Xbox one bundle when you can just get the game for the 360? i think you can get one for cheap and the game doesn't cost much. what a rip off am i right!?

  7. how many bundles can xbox one make? i am pretty sure xbone haves a bundle for almost every 3rd party game.. kinda sad that they still trying to surpass ps4 sales with these bundles.

  8. Ps4 releases a Star Wars battlefront bundle with a sick controller and a bo3 bundle with a sick play station and a gold ps4 while xbox releases 3 bundles that don't change the look whatsoever, great giving us the choice of being unique or popular Microsoft, really


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