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→ White top: Urban Outfitters

♦ O U T F I T I N F O ♦

→ Olive parka:
→ White blouse:
→ Black trousers:
→ Brogues:

→ Navy dress:
→ Silver choker: Stephanie’s
→ Chestnut boots:

→ Peter pan dress:
→ Black and white heels:

→ Midi dress:
→ Cobalt heels:
→ Silver necklace:
→ Sunglasses:

♦ M U S I C ♦
→ vbnd l animalistic:

FTC: This video is sponsored by Runway Bandits.


  1. Happy New Year Jen! Work took me to Munich for NYE (made me miss home but…) I had fun celebrating by going out to dinner with friends at an Indian restaurant and then going down to the main plaza to watch people go crazy with fireworks. (A little scared for my life because it was not regulated by the government at all and fireworks were popping so close to me!) 

  2. Hi Jenn! Navy blue dress was pretty amazing! You look very sweet in this dress. Can you make video about long dresses? I really wanna know which accessiories use to creative the finall look for many occasions. Please, i need your help! ♥

  3. jenn, you are my favorite favorite youtuber out there! you have great fashion taste, great music taste, post consistently, and your videos are so high quality. luv u jenn!
    if you get the chance, check my channel out

  4. I went to my first New Year's Eve party this year! My best friends boyfriend had one at his place and I decided that why the hell shouldn't I go 🙂 it was an awesome evening and I can't wait for next year's!

  5. My boyfriend came over for the winter break. We got to spend time together on New Year's Eve and till count down! It was quite romantic even though we did do chores that day. Still I enjoyed a wonderful winter break with him (: Love the outfits! I'm quite the minimalist myself.

  6. i absolutely love how you describe each one of your garmets without using the word "cute" i find it so refreshing and im so thankful to my friend who introduced me to your channel last year!  

  7. love seeing these videos as well. you go all out in a lot of your outfits and they are beautiful but it's great to see some every day and effortless ideas as well – with the same amount of gorgeous showing through 🙂 

  8. I love THE MIDI a lot. I would love have this as the giveaway prize. But it would be better if the prize is to be able to meet you and be great friends. You are truly a great person that insipires me in and out.
    Much love from your

  9. I love your outfits especially the first one because here it's still winter. I've noticed that you never show bags to your outfits!
    You're my favorite youtuber keep on doing <3

  10. Love this Jenn, always cute ideas 🙂

    Hey guys, I have a small give away on my channel, check it out. you have a good chance to win, since I am a small youtuber with a small channel <3

  11. as always: great video jenn! 🙂

    btw, does anyone want to be youtube friends? 🙂
    we`d really appreciate it if you would check out our channel! xo

  12. You are one of the first fashion youtubers I subscribed to, and it was amazing seeing how you changed (style/editing) throughout your youtube journey! You are truly inspirational, keep on being you! 
    P.S: Feel free to check out my own Winter Inspired OOTW (:

  13. Hey Jen, can you comment on the quality of the clothing for Runway Bandits? I really like their style but I read online reviews that seemed pretty negative about the site. This is making me skeptical of whether or not I should order from Runway bandits. 

  14. @Winne Loo Are you sure you were reading the right reviews? Runway Bandits is literally my favourite online shop, I've never had a single mistake or problem with any of my 10+ orders. Quality is really nice as well.

    Also, Jenn's been representing them for so long so they have to be good?? 

  15. Hi, I was wondering if you could so a video on how you wash your more complex pieces without damaging them (ex. mesh, lace, etc)
    Love your videos!!! 😙😙😙

  16. Jenn, do u think u can do a lookbook on styling metallic pieces? I love the look of metallic pants and i recently just got a pair but i dont want to go for the typical statement pants and basic neutral shirt combo.

  17. You're lookbooks are getting pretty samey and to be honest the clothes just aren't that nice anymore. I feel like you used to be a lot more inventive with your outfits, maybe it's because they are now more sponsored? You're still great though!

  18. Absolutely in love with your glasses! In fact, it has actually inspired me to get a similar pair! Would still love to know where you got yours from 😉

  19. JENN PLEASE ANSWER. what type of oliver peoples frame do you have? my facial shape is similar to yours and i've been wanting to up my reading glasses game so i thought i might try some from the brand! please please PLEASE ANSWER MEEEEEEEEEEE scratches walls

  20. Every time I see Jenn wears those glasses, I get scared that she's having another eye infection. Jenn please tell me you're okay?! >< They look really cute on you though 😛 

  21. Ohmygosh! Jenn! I've missed you and your videos, i'm just now catching up on them cause i've been in India for the past 2 weeks(: Anyways, how are you?!

  22. hey Jenn! im loving the Barogues but for some reason the link would not work, can you please let me know the brand and name of those? Thanks heaps!

  23. youre always serving up cool yet chic outfits ah im in love! do you have your own style blog? bc if not it would be so cool to see your everyday outfits posted up i just adore your style all in all

  24. I love this lookbook!  I like watching your videos, even though your fashion style isn't my style coz of the accessories but this one hits the spot!  
    Thanks for making this one 🙂


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