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Last night a report came in that simultaneously overjoyed and yet broke the hearts of many Spider-Man fans: It turns out that Marvel and Sony Pictures have had talks about bringing the wallcrawler into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the Captain America: Civil War movie, but that those discussions had stalled.

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  1. How can a Marvel franchise of movies DON'T have Spider Man?! I'm not a big fan of Spider Man but he's Marvel face! How can all Marvel cast be on Fox and only Spider Man elsewhere?! Amazing! Simply amazing!
    I've never been so ironic in my life!

  2. the marvel universe sucks because SPIDER MAN AINT IN IT, dont believe me?
    remember how much u liked avengers, and think about how SOO GDM excited u are for AGE OF ULTRON, now imagine if spiderman was also in those 2….:)

  3. I fear that if SpiderMan returns to Marvel, then the films will also go back to how they were approached back then. Spidey now, realistic, believable, well portrayed. Spidey then, badly cast (not in all cases, but in the places where it matters), stretches reality a little too much, and a little too predictable.
    I like my films to look like they could really happen. Power Rangers Green Goblin, no… Army Mech Suit Goblin, me likey!

    Not everyone will agree, but I really like the concept behind the newer films, especially the cast!

  4. I shit you not, I fell asleep in the theater during TASM2.

                                                                           Give Spidey back to Marvel and save face. 

  5. good…i dont want to see spiderman in a huge epic clusterfuk of a film…he's a simple character and he shouldn't be thrown into some large scale battle with tons of other heros and villains…

  6. am i seriously the only person on earth who really dislikes the god damn avenger movie?? i mean look i love Robert downy jr in it as always and captain america was my favourite character as a kid but, the rest of the casting sucked, the acting was lacking (even RDJ didn't seem to try), the script a mess of stories from the comics very badly put together, and the directing was sub par (shame i love joss whedon normally) i remember leaving the cinema disappointed and feeling robbed of a potentially good film, and from my experience cross overs never work, heck sure give spider man back to marvel but dont put him in a god damn avengers film please….

  7. Y'all have been telling people to sign up for IGN news for months. when are you going to cut the cord? If people haven't signed up for ign news by now, let them get look left in the lurch. It's silly as hell to see the same news report back to back while I'm watching YouTube on my Wii U.

  8. Look at how many different things happened since Sony hasn't give Marvel Spidey. The Amazing Spiderman 2 which had a butt loaf of villains in one movie. Every other single confirmed spiderman related movie even though they haven't started any and now Ironman is pretty much the face of Marvel since Spidey is owned by Sony

  9. But if marvel takes it then wont they have to do another REBOOT your tearing the hero i loved since i was little apart, I would have no faith in it considering you cant make it past 3 movies let alone 2

  10. As a long time Spider-Man comic book fan, I've really enjoyed the Amazing Spider-Man movies, mainly because of The Death of the Stacy's storyline, and I know Marvel would never have had been able to pull off films based on that, because the characters would've had to STAY dead.

    That being said, that part of Spider-Man's story is over and Spidey can come home to Marvel, even if it's just a partnership. Also the MCU has also expanded it's universe and there's room for him now.  While before, he would've been thrown into an Avengers movie to get more fans to see it and been under-utilized like Hawkeye was.  If Marvel and Sony can keep what has been established in this reboot, and slow down the world building that would be fantastic.

    I loved the movies but even that's not enough to blind me from its faults.  The parts where the films fell hardest for viewers was the rapid world building.  Retelling a new Spider-Man's origins in AS-M, wasn't appreciated by most because it was the essentially the same story they've seen before. And in AS-M2, the attempt to lead to an expanded universe with other properties like sinister six but in under 3 hours left left Electro and Goblin feeling less defined characters, mainly because they cut a solid 10 minutes of character development from the final version.  

    Andrew Garfield In Amazing Spider-Man is a fantastic version Spider-Man one of the best since the Spectacular Spider-Man series, he's got the quips and the energy but also can bring the heartache and his conflicted nature that Peter deals with.  But ultimately, it'll be up to whoever wins creative control of the Franchise to decide who plays Spider-Man.

  11. I would totally be up for Marvel taking the reign of the spider man franchise. Sony clearly has no idea what they are doing with it, and Marvel has already shown potential with their films. If the 60/40 deal doesn't go through, I really hope the Civil War one does. Not only will it benefit Marvel, but it would most likely benefit Sony as well, and I hope Sony can see that. They lost momentum on AS2, and can really regain it if Marvel would help them out.

  12. Sony why are you trying to clinge on to Spiderman so freaking bad. You had 5 movies and made Spiderman a household name that's a good enough run!! But you have to realize with the terrible performance of Amazing Spiderman 2 it's time to hand it over to the people who created it in the first place!

  13. I don't hate sony because in my opinion I think they've made good stuff like the ps4 & all that but they really can't make a decent spider man movie none are truly close to the source material like the mcu movies are to their characters so for god sake sony cut you're losses & send him HOME!!!

  14. I declare we stop assaulting Sony, they tried had relative success and made good money. They might give em back if we stop throwing acorns at them.
    I have a feeling this was staged.

  15. Sony are bunch of imbeciles, they have ruined the Spiderman movies, Marvel could made the best Spiderman movies ever made and was Sonys only hope, but of course as usual Sony screwed up because they're greedy and wanting Full control of Spiderman and unwilling to share, even though of course marvel is Spiderman's creator. The people over at Sony need to stop making Spiderman movies and give him back to marvel. This is only one of the many reasons why I hate Sony. They are complete idiots.

  16. Destin, why would this make anyone "overjoyed" while simultaneously having "broke the hearts of many"? It's like having a conversation with your sibling who said, "I heard mom and dad were going to buy you a Porsche for your 16th birthday.  They decided not to since they wanted to have control over the car and didn't trust you with it." Why in any way would that make you rejoice? The fact that your parents talked at all?  Come on, man.  This only drives the nail in the coffin for any hopes of Sony and Marvel to get along and cross any of their franchises together in a cinematic feature.  Forget about an Avengers with Spider-Man, which could have been totally awesome.  Now, Fox on the other hand…make Wolverine and the Avengers happen!

  17. I would love to see spiderman in an Avengers movie, but i dont think the Avengers need him to be awesome as they are. So i would be worried when i hear the news if it would do more bad than good. When spidey does finally cross over i think marvel should completely reinvent the character, hes "unrealisticly nice" and i never felt so interested in him as any other marvel hero.

  18. Sony should just cash out and sell Spidey back to Marvel. Marvel would pay a pretty penny — which is cash Sony corporate could desperately use right now — and fans would be eternally grateful. 

  19. Please Sony, just let Marvel put their own seperate version of Spider-man into the Avengers! (You can keep on going with your version if you want but…I mean, come on, you had two shots and you blew both of them so don't you think it would be better to let it go?)

  20. please sony, dont be stupid just go with the flow. spiderman in the marvel movies could be legendary! make it happen soon. you see how well marvel is doing with their other movies.

  21. Though having Spiderman in the MCU would be awesome, they can't just give him up for a big paycheck overnight. They have to pay off the Amazing Spiderman crew and stop a lot of things in production.

  22. If Marvel gets Spider man back, Andrew Garfield should still be Spidey. No use in casting another Spidey. Also they can continue the Amazing Spider-Man movies instead of rebooting them.

  23. Sony gotta give back spiderman to Marvel because they ruined franchise. Those spin-off movies are not going to be good. 20th Century Fox on the other hand is still doing good with X-Men. If the Fantastic Four reboot goes bad, give it back to Marvel. And we will have a Marvel Ultimate Alliance movie!

  24. Sony got hacked by North Koreans. Is there anything else to add to that statement? Give Spider-Man back to Marvel. It's fucked he's not gonna be in Civil War or the Infinity Wars movies. 

  25. YES! Sony should fork over Spider man back to marvel. Listen. You've seen what Marvel Studios has done for Loki. For Iron man. For Red Skull. THE WINTER SOLDIER! Imagine what they could do for Green Goblin, Doc Ock! (though in truth Alfred Molia would be hard to top) Electro. VENOM! And not just that. Fantastic Four, X MEN!  (Yes Days of Future past was cool but Come one dudes. Wolverine in actual suit. Be awesome. Let no man tell you otherwise)

  26. we dont need anyone else in the Marvel movies. Hawkeye is worthless so far, we dont need spidey. Nor do we need a third live version of Spidey either. If Marvel had a brain in their heads, they'd hire Emma Stone & give us Spider-Gwen that EVERYONE seems to love.

  27. Sony Pictures should sell Spiderman s film rights back to Marvel Studios. Marvel,Spiderman s comic book publisher licenser will put Spiderman back in his original origin roots. Sony failed to do that after Marc Webbs The Amazing Spider-Man sequel film was released. Sam Raimi did a much, better job on his films even though, there were alterations to Peter Parker, his alter ego Spiderman and his friends and enemies stories.


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