MOVING IN VLOG! Empty Tour, Unpacking, Closet organizing, ect!


I am soooooo very excited for this little home series to start! I hope you guys love home vlogs as much as I do! Please make sure to subscribe for more, see you in my next video Xx – Kelsey

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  1. I’m so confused. I’m sorry can someone please tell me if she’s moving in with her parents and if so why does she gets the mater bedroom? I haven’t followed her for a looooong time so this is kind of out of the blue for me 🙁 thanks 🙏🏽

  2. Guys this is the type of video that got me subscribed to Kelsey!! 😆😆 room and closet touuuur💃💃💃
    Kelseyyy keep it uppp!!! Thank you for being so detailed with the whole room decor and everything I lovvved watching every second of it! You're such an icon!

  3. im so proud of u kelseyyyyyy like i watch u for the first time u have the room in like the very top of ur house and decorating them and now u have ur houseeee IM SO PROUD TO SEE YOU HAVING UR OWN HOUSE AND IM HAPPY I SEE U IN VERY 1ST DAY OMAYGHADDD

  4. i‘m so happy for you and your parents ! i can see how excited und grateful you are for the new house and would enjoy more vlogs like that ❤️

  5. I loved the VLOG .. plzz film everything you do and buy for your new house.. also I loved your home it’s soo cozy and beautiful 💞💞 we’re also moving next week so these VLOGs gonna help me so so much 👍🏻

  6. Omg it’s my summer vacation… and I’ve been really bored this summer good thing you guys are moving out because i also love watching home videos as if I am a 30 yr old women


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