[MV] 씨스타(SISTAR) _ I Like That


[MV] 씨스타(SISTAR) _ I Like That(아이라이크댓)

*English subtitles are now available.

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The title song “I Like That” is a dance track about the irony of women who fall in love knowing the guy is not nice. It’s produced by the hit song makers Black Eyed Pilseung who also produced “Touch My Body”. The fierce brass sounds, mixed with SISTAR’s charming voices singing words that really deliver a story, will definitely make this song a memorable one.
This song is about the desires that are hidden behind our eyes, feelings that are exchanged in secret, and the romance that is so strong but banned. “I Like That” is about the excitement, the thrilling and inevitable fantasy of forbidden love.

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タイトル曲「I Like That」は、相手が悪い人であることを知っていながらも嵌っていく、愛に憑かれた女性の矛盾的な気持ちを表現したダンス曲。「Touch My Body」を作業したヒット作曲家チーム‘ブラック・アイド・必勝’がプロデュースを引き受けた曲で、強烈なブラスと魅惑的なボーカル、そして率直なストーリーテリングを盛り込んだ歌詞が印象的。

타이틀곡 ‘I Like That’은 상대가 나쁜 남자인 걸 뻔히 알면서도 빠져드는, 사랑에 홀린 여자의 모순적인 마음을 표현한 댄스곡. ‘Touch My Body’를 작업한 히트 작곡가팀 블랙아이드필승이 프로듀싱을 맡은 곡으로, 강렬한 브라스와 매혹적인 보컬, 솔직한 스토리텔링을 담은 가사가 인상적이다.

감추고 있어 더 간절한 눈빛, 은밀하게 주고받는 감정, 묘하게 감지되는 남녀간 로맨틱한 무드가 금지된 사랑의 로망을 들려준다. 은밀하고 짜릿한, 그래서 더욱 거부할 수 없는 판타지를 그려냈다.


  1. I never knew how much i truly missed them until april hit me. They usually always annouce their comeback around this time to kill us with summer bops. Honestly SISTAR was THAT group. Their sound was so distinguishable and unique. Bless.

  2. Ну ваще буряточки топ да🔥
    Залайкате, чтобы американцы думали, что что-то крутое написано

  3. I'm so lonely, but this video aids me/is my succor in surviving my final bland college year where I'm studying in the joke state that is New Jersey in lieu of the awesome study abroad programs that are Shanghai and Soeul.

  4. I miss you, I miss the name SISTAR, I want you to come back again. I'm sorry when I knew you guys, at that time you were disbanded anyhow, you brought me to KPOP.


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