[MV] 4MEN(포맨) _ Thorn Love(가시사랑) (Empress Ki(기황후) OST Part 1)


[MV] 4MEN(포맨) _ Thorn Love (가시사랑) (Empress Ki(기황후) OST Part 1)

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Through the Monday/Tuesday Drama ‘Empress Ki’, 4men showed his amazing vocal skills. The song ‘Thorn love’ talks about Empress Ki who seems to be strong on the outside, but actually has a lot of scars inside. The lyrics ‘These thrones hurts myself like crazily too’ is very touching as well.
Also the producing of [Thorn Love] is made by Vibe’s Yoon Min-soo and his producing team (Yoon Min-soo, King Ming, Min youn jae), and they succeeded in making a great song.

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MBC 월화 드라마 기황후OST를 통해 명품 보컬 포맨이 선보이는 [가시사랑]은 겉으로는 강하지만 맘속에 많은 상처를 지닌채 살아가는 철의 여인 기황후의 이야기를 담은 곡으로
‘나도 이런 가시같은 나 땜에 미칠 것 같아’라는 가사가 인상적인 곡이다.

특히 [가시사랑]의 프로듀싱은 바이브 윤민수를 주축으로 한 프로듀싱팀 삼총사 (윤민수, KingMing, 민연재)가 맡아 또 하나의 탄탄한 명곡의 탄생을 알렸다.


  1. Healer dizisine eğlenceli deyip bu diziden sıkılan insanlar varmış. Healer'ı 8.bölümde bırakmış ve zor dayanmış biri olarak bu diziyi 3 günde aralıksız izleyip bitirdiğimi hatırlıyorum. Aşk doğaldı. Dizideki her şey doğaldı daha doğrusu. Ya ben tarihi ve romantik harmanlanmış dizileri seviyorum ya da gerçekten Ji Chang Wook'un en iyi dizisi bu. Keşke hiç izlememiş olup tekrar baştan başlayabilseydim. O kadar güzel dizi her şey heyecanlıydı. Bunu niye bu kadar uzun yazdım ve türkçe yazdım bilmiyorum ama türk varsa izlesin:D Diziyide harbi sevdiğimi fark ettim şuan lollll

  2. Just 6 episodes and I'm about to finish it… Hoping for another historical drama of Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won. Really, I love both of them and all the other casts. 😍 And this song! I cried when they played it again in the end. 💘

  3. I'm currently watching this all over again. This is my childhood film and one of the films which has led me to know the meaning of "South Korea film". It has been many years since I first watched it. Although there are many great films which I am totally obsessed with, this will forever remain a legend to me that no film can ever take the place. The actors, the plot, the actings, the theme songs, OST, everything is a legend.

  4. I just finished this drama and i feel empty😭😭😭ive never felt like this before …I watched moon lovers uncontrollably fond and many dramas with sad endings but empress ki took all my tears i cant cry anymore😢😭 my heart bled for the emperor(JCW) and his love was soo beautiful and painful how she was his strength and weakness at the same time💜💜my heart ached for Wang yu too but the emperor made me feel all the emotions there is😭😭😭 am talking a break till i move on from empress ki such a powerful woman 💜💜❤big love ….If you havent watched this drama just know you are missing out …Best decision in my drama marathon😂😂😂❤❤❤Ji chang wook love u big time.

  5. これ、麗 花萠ゆる8人の皇子たちの後に放送された韓国ドラマで、当時はあんま気に入ってなかったけど、見ていくうちになんか、ハマっていったw


  6. 日本人見てるかな〜?

  7. A very good movie and so heartbreaking. One of my favorite but the thing is I cannot rewatch the last parts I always ended up rewatching it but stops to the episode where she gave birth to her first child(wang yu's child😪)
    I cannot accept their destiny after that part specially when wang yu was killed by emperor and their first child being dead. I feel sorry for wang yu and their child💔💔

  8. I really love this drama! 😍 Everytime I hear this song, my eyes keep on getting teary… 😭 I love how the characters portray their roles, especially the 3 main leads, Ha Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook and Joo Jin Mo. 😘 Long live, Emperor Toghon and Empress Ki! 🤴❤👸

  9. ❤️😘👍 ha ji woon is a great actress❤️. Love you sung nyang. Ji Chang wook is so cute 🥰💙, joo Jin mo is so elegant 😍💙. Tal tal is 💙.

  10. Me am still crying 😭 in 2019 and my heart 💔 still hurts 💔 and am still witching for an epilogue because my heart can’t move on to accept that trauma was the ending!!!

  11. um just so much love in this song..
    as..I feel the pain of love 😞
    just finishing to watch this drama and um just obesssing and can't get over this😞
    um so surprised that..its a true story based drama😱

  12. 나는 위험하니까 내 사랑은
    나를 사랑하면 할수록
    결국 너만 다칠지 몰라
    나를 시험하지마 내 사랑을
    절대 못해 못해 못해 못해 못해
    위험하니까 널 위한 거니까..

    나의 사랑엔 비밀이 있어
    제발 내게 손을 대지 마
    나의 침묵엔 이유가 있어
    제발 더 가까이 오지 마
    안아줄 순 없지만..

    나는 위험하니까 내 사랑은
    나를 사랑하면 할수록
    결국 너만 다칠지 몰라
    나를 시험하지마 내 사랑을
    절대 못해 못해 못해 못해 못해
    위험하니까 널 위한 거니까..

    시간이 가면 알게 될거야
    우린 어울리지 않단 걸
    위태로운 나라서..

    나는 위험하니까 내 사랑은
    나를 사랑하면 할수록
    결국 너만 다칠지 몰라
    나를 시험하지마 내 사랑을
    절대 못해 못해 못해 못해 못해

    위험하니까 널 위한 거니까
    널 사랑하지만 절대 못해 못해 못해
    난 널 사랑하지 못해 떠나가..

    나는 위험하니까 너무 위험하니까
    나도 이런 가시같은 나 땜에 미칠 것 같아
    나를 사랑하지마 부탁이야
    절대 안돼 안돼 안돼 안돼 안돼
    위험하니까 널 위한 거니까..

  13. 기황후는… 진짜 한국에서 다신 나올 수 없는 드라마다ㅜㅜ 삼각관계+후궁암투+남장+국가를 넘나드는 시대배경+한국 특유의 막장드라마+중국사극+한국사극.. 이 모든것을 한데 모아놨는데 전혀 어색하지않고 존잼임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  14. I hate kdramas honestly. Because most of their dramas are lovestory, historical and immature couple but when I saw empress ki all of my hatred went to zero! Because of empress ki I'm a fan now! This is the best kdrama I watch ever

  15. just finished watching this drama and good lord save me 😭😭😭 why is the ending ended like that and y'all said nyang doesn't love the emperor ?noooooo!!!! she love him so much she done a lot of things for him she love the emperor more than the king 😭 y'all

  16. 진짜 이거 내가 완젼 꼬맹이때 봣던건데 1학년?이엇던가 근데 사극중에 제일기억에 남음ㅠㅠ 진짜ㅠ 몇년이나 지났지만 다시 1화부터 방송한다고 하면 다챙겨볼꺼라고ㅠ


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