[MV] LOONA(이달의 소녀) _ Eclipse (Prod. by Daniel Obi Klein) (Kim Lip)(김립)


[MV] LOONA(이달의 소녀) _ Eclipse (Prod. by Daniel Obi Klein) (Kim Lip)(김립)

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  1. Making fall in love with loona all over again I see, I’m not complaining, I needed to do a little streaming before the comeback anyways, and for the people confused about what’s going on, try not to dig too deep, it’s simple, their comeback is coming and the exposure is good for them, they can reach new people this way, hopefully we’ll get positive feedback 💕 #stanloona

    SO MUCH 1THEK :,,,,,,,))

  3. Omg this song is a bop!! Can't believe this girl is a rookie, she's really amazing. I'm officially your fan kim Lip. ECLIPSE is the song of the year, if KIM LIP doesn't win an award for best female solo artist in MAMA, i'm going to kill someone ✊🏼

  4. hey yall quick notice. if you ever want to stream a mv in the future focus on the main channel and leave this one to nonfans. both channels count to views in music shows but we shouldn't split up viewing

  5. Orbits, don't be upset! From now on views will come from two channel, which means we'll get more streaming points on music shows so, LOONA THE FIRST WIN IS COMINGGGGGG 🔥🔥🔥

  6. i know all of y'all are joking but a friend of mine who's only a casual k-pop fan deadass just linked me this mv and gushed about this "iconic new release"… i've never yellED MORE LOUDLY.

  7. Remember how Kimlip snatched our wigs, broke our teeth and flatten our noses with Eclipse because her debut was so different than first five members of Loona like we didn't expect it at all? Same.

  8. if you guys like these newly uploaded videos of loona, make sure to visit their official youtube channel @loonatheworld to get better experience with subtitles and awesome mv description in EVERY SONGS. PLUS there's Loonatv segment if u wanna know the girls better and additional videos with A+ quality😊


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