[MV] SOHEE(소희) _ Spotlight


[MV] SOHEE(소희) _ Spotlight

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  1. 엘리스를 통해서 알게 됐는데, 보컬이 이미 완성형이네요.
    음색이 프로듀서들 입장에서 꽤 좋겠습니다.

  2. Loved the song, however ending seemed a bit odd and abrupt. Almost seemed like it was cut short. Would have preferred a few more synth cords with volume phased out more gently as the song ended.

  3. Hunus cant you get it? Another members just have learn this. Dont use back up dancer. No. No need that. Just another hidden talent member. Bella's rap need to be in this song. Hunus dont make us dissappointed please

  4. Honestly she should’ve debuted as a solo artist. She’s got the perfect style to make it as a solo. They really missed out with putting her in a group 😫😫

  5. i came here after watching her solo debut and i keep getting a vibe from her that reminds me of someone A LOT, but i couldnt rmb it jn. until i watched this vid.
    i saw a lot of people commenting chungha, but i dont think so. im thinking BoA.

    but tbvh, i think she has her very own vibe. one that i havent seen before and i like it. she has her own vibe and her own style. thats rare for a rookie to be able to find their own vibe. id definitely keep a look out for her further promotions. (i also like elris just that they havent had much comebacks)

    -im currently much more sleepier than Koya. i need coffee.

  6. Wow she's amazing
    I've just learned she's the main vocalist in elris….her dancing is amazing and smooth….and she BEAUTIFUL abd captivated…she can do everything wow


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